Where to Keep Soiled Linens in a Dental Office

August 20, 2020

Single-use, disposable gowns present a few challenges for dentists during a pandemic. They’re difficult to obtain and costly for practitioners to replace. Also, they create more contaminated waste at dental offices.

What’s more reliably available and cost-effective for the practice? Reusable linens. Between washes, soiled scrubs can be stored easily in a way that provides safety for both the patient and the office team. The benefits of the switch to reusables are well worth creating a spot for storage.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, it is more important than ever to keep clean and dirty supplies separate. New supplies need to be in an area off the ground and safe from contamination. Auto-cleaving and releasing toxins into the air creates a dirty space within the office; when clean supplies are in the same area, they get contaminated. Fresh PPE needs to be kept in its own designated room with a clean air supply. Dental offices can take note of hospitals that have been regulating airflow with HVAC systems for years. In sterile storage spaces, the HVAC system pumps a constant supply of clean air into the room, expelling dirty air created in the space directly out of the building to bypass the recirculation of contaminated air. To avoid a total practice redesign and restructure, moving an air purifier unit into a clean supply room will help maintain the quality and protect patients against harmful bacteria.

Take inventory of spaces within the office to find a room, big or small; that can be kept sterile. To design storage spaces within the practice, measure available spaces, and what types of items will be stored inside – then plan it.

Have an honest observation about how you’re using spaces. Investing a little bit of design time, a little bit of money, and a few organizational accessories can help practices get more bang from their square footage.

Furniture lines like Herman Miller offer healthcare products with organizational and storage options for medical spaces. Installing shelves and hanging bins, in a format similar to hospital central sterilization areas, will allow practices to utilize every available inch.

Practices don’t have to face this organizational problem alone. When you enlist a design team, an expert will help you assemble these storage accessories and make the most of your space.