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Get The Extra Vigilance Dental Practices Need for Monitoring Your Network and Securing Your Data

Patient records are more valuable to data thieves than credit cards or even social security numbers. Dental practices are particularly vulnerable to attacks because thieves know you store the same data as large hospitals and insurance companies—often without comparable levels of protection. But with Benco’s Managed Support solution, your office is always a step ahead of any potential issue. We identify and fix network problems before your staff is even aware.


Take a Proactive Approach to Monitor Your Network and Secure Your Data

Who is monitoring your dental office network? Every practice needs a team of dental experts to ensure that your computers, server, antivirus, and backups are safe and performing at their best. Prevent extended downtimes and other network issues so you don’t take time away from caring for patients. With Benco’s Managed Support solution your office is always a step ahead of any potential issue. We identify and fix network problems before your staff is even aware!


Protect The Performance Of Your Network, And Everything On It

Networks require routine monitoring and maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Handling these tasks yourself or delegating them to your office staff will take a lot of your precious time. From checking if backups are valid to ensuring that all of the software you use is up to date, network management involves a myriad of tasks that are best left to dental IT companies. Our team of experts specializes in dentistry, meaning we can support your imaging software, practice management software and more!

Let our Software and IT Solutions team oversee your practice network!

The Ideal Partner For Optimum Network Security and Performance

Benco’s Managed Support plan will:

  • Provide unlimited remote support for your convenience
  • Cover all computers in your office with a monitoring software for complete support and protection
  • Elevate network and data security through several levels of defense


As experts in dental IT support and security, we will:

  • Bring unmatched expertise to resolve network and data security issues quickly
  • Watch over your computers, backups, and antivirus 24/7 to make sure things are running smoothly
  • Ensure that your software and hardware are up to date with the latest versions

Benco Managed Support Is Packed With Innovative Features and Benefits

By combining a world-class team of dental IT support experts and advanced digital security software, Benco
Managed Support gives the best answer to the question every dentist should ask: “Who is looking out for my data?”


  • Antivirus – complete endpoint protection
  • 500 GB of HIPAA-compliant cloud backup included with the option to add more
  • Encrypted email – send HIPAA compliant secure emails
  • 24/7 monitoring software – continuous oversight of your network
  • Unlimited remote support – our team will be standing by to resolve your issues quickly
  • Network Security Assessment – annual evaluation assessing the safety of your network
  • Upgrade planning – annual review of your hardware to assist in upgrade planning
  • 1 onsite visit per month (up to 1-hour) – for IT issues that can’t be resolved remotely. Standard trip fees apply.


Looking to learn more about Benco Managed Support? Read through our frequently asked questions to
better understand what to expect!

Benco Managed Support is Benco Dental’s complete computer and software protection solution. It is a monthly subscription plan that provides continuous monitoring of your system and network. Additionally, this plan also supports dental imaging, practice management software systems and more.

Benco Managed Support combines human expertise and technological advancements to provide several levels of defense. These include:

  • Unlimited remote access to dental IT support specialists.
  • Access to dental IT specialists with unmatched skills and knowledge—performing every thing from network issue diagnosis to hardware upgrade planning.
  • Installation of advanced 24/7 monitoring software, coupled with innovative digital solutions ranging from world-class antivirus to HIPAA- compliant cloud back up, email encryption and proactive network oversight.

Providing excellent patient care is the number one priority of dental teams, making it difficult to give network management the level of attention required. Hectic days in dental offices often lead to crucial updates and backups that are easily overlooked. Benco Managed Support covers everything your practice needs to ensure optimal network operation so you and your team can focus on your patients.

When you have an issue with your imaging software or practice management software, call our team first. If we can’t fix the issue, let us call your software providers for you and work out the problems behind the scenes. This allows you and your staff time to focus on dentistry.

Network management involves a lot of time-consuming and complex tasks that are best left to the experts. Often, practices that manage their own network encounter problems resulting from a lack of expertise.

Our dental IT technicians are experts in catching and fixing a problem long before it breaks your server, corrupts your system, or breaches your data.

Complete the inquiry form on this page and a software sales consultant will contact you. For questions please email software@benco.com or contact your Benco sales representative.

Network Evaluations assess the current IT health of your practice. We send a service technician to your practice to evaluate your current network set up and hardware.

Please fill out our contact information form and a member from our team will determine if a Network Evaluation is needed.

Focus on Dentistry, While We Focus on Your Network

A simple overlook of an important update is enough to expose your data and put your practice at risk for a data breach. Contact our team of dental IT support specialists to learn how Benco Software & IT Solutions can help you manage and secure your network with ease.