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These guidelines are intended to provide you with information to accurately represent Benco Dental in your literature and materials. All efforts have been made to ensure that proper artwork and information is provided for a wide variety of uses across various media.If you need further information or technical questions, please contact Regan Knecht at 540.850.0233.

  • To use these logos, locate the link next to the image and right-click (PC) or Control-Click (MAC), then select “Save Target As…” (Explorer) or “Save Link As” (Navigator) on the pop-up menu in your Browser.
  • After downloading, email it to your recipient or locate the downloaded files on your local storage. Three different formats (EPS for vectorized graphics, JPG for rasterized graphics, and PNG for graphics with transparency)of logos are provided to meet a variety of requirements. All are high resolution, meaning they are of sufficient quality for any commercial printer.
  • Logo PMS Colors – Pantone 360 C (green) and Pantone 301 C (blue)

How To Use Our Identity

Clear messaging is key to the success of both your brand and ours. Complying with our requirements helps ensure that will you receive the maximum benefit from your association with us. Please take a moment to review and follow these guidelines whenever you use Benco Dental’s visual identity across all of your communications.


Other Important Guidelines

We prefer to leave clear space around the Benco logo to protect it from surrounding graphics or typography. Measure clear space using the height of the “t” in Dental as a guideline for vertical and horizontal space.

Use the full color logo on full color backgrounds where the logo maintains a contrast ratio of at least 2.0.
Use the white logo on full color backgrounds darker than the full color logo.
Use the black logo on backgrounds lighter than the full color logo that would otherwise break a contrast ratio of at least 2.0.

Do not use the full color logo with full color or low contrasting backgrounds.
Do not use the white color logo with light colored or low contrasting backgrounds.
Do not use the black color logo with dark colored or low contrasting backgrounds.

Our primary color, Pantone 360 C, should always be used when possible, and can add visual interest when included in longer documents. Our secondary colors, Pantone 7733 C, Pantone 292 C, and Pantone 541 C, complement the usage of the primary color and should be used to add diversity in design. Our accent colors, Pantone 227 C, Pantone 021 C, and Pantone Cool Gray 6 C, provide emphasis, and are to be used sparingly. Accent colors should only be used on designs where the primary and secondary colors are already being utilized.

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