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Unparalleled Selection. Expert Advice.

There’s a reason why Benco Dental’s Net Promoter score—the world’s most trusted metric for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty—has topped even beloved brands like Apple®, Netflix® and American Express®.

It starts with our extensive selection of the industry’s top brands—so you can choose what’s right for you. It continues at our groundbreaking CenterPoint equipment and technology showrooms in California, Texas and Pennsylvania, where you can go hands-on with the latest advances in a relaxed, zero-pressure environment, alongside our experts. And our commitment and support doesn’t end, even after our factory-trained installation pros put the finishing touches on your job.

A Lifetime Commitment
To Your Success.

Since 1930, Benco Dental has been delivering innovation that boosts efficiency, improves patient outcomes and enhances your quality of life at work. We’ll be here to support you today, tomorrow and beyond, with everything from preventive maintenance and on-site repairs, to hardware and software solutions for every challenge your practice faces.

Whether you visit our CenterPoint showrooms, or let us come to you, you’ll have an extraordinary array of powerful choices in 3D imaging, CAD/CAM, scanners, chairs, cabinetry and so much more.

Dental Equipment & Technology
We Do Dental Equipment Differently

Smarter, More Personalized Ways To Shop.

Equipment is the lifeblood of your practice. The way it fits into your environment—and how well it serves your patients and team—are critical, highly personal considerations. That’s why, in addition to Benco Dental’s hands-on CenterPoint showrooms, we offer our exclusive, in-person Build Your Future workshop so you can immerse yourself in a multidisciplinary, 360-degree approach to practice planning.

Schedule your CenterPoint Experience today, or learn more about our Build Your Future practice planning workshop.


Affordable, Flexible Financing Designed Around You.

Achieve the practice you’ve always wanted, and get the personal attention you deserve. With Clarion Financial as your capital partner, you won’t need to compromise on investing in your long-term business success.

The Clarion Financial team is dedicated 100% to serving dentists. Complete financing is available for virtually everything you need (real estate, startups, equipment) so you’ll hit the ground running. Your cash remains untouched and intact for savings, working capital or expenses.


People Who Make A

We built our reputation on people helping people. Benco Dental was first to add dedicated Equipment Specialists to our team in the 1960s, and first again in the 1970s with in-house interior design and space planning. No other dental distributor works harder to understand your unique needs and craft customized solutions.


Human-Centered Cabinetry
For Healthcare.

Benco Dental is America’s exclusive dental distributor of Herman Miller dental cabinetry and office furnishings. Trusted by hospitals for over 50 years, now you can put the same forward-thinking Herman Miller environments to work in your practice. Elevate the human experience of care with thoughtful design, exceptional quality and extensive warranty protection.

Enhance the look and design of your practice with our help!

Factory-Trained Service Technicians To Keep You Productive.

Benco Dental’s team of over 300 service technicians nationwide means you can count on expert installations done right, as well as ongoing maintenance and service to keep your practice up and running. From handpieces to high tech, our team is standing by to help with virtually everything in your practice.

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