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Do more dentistry in less time
with improved patient comfort.


STERLING® Lasers coagulate and cauterize the treatment area as you work, leading to immediate hemostasis, rapid healing
and reduced swelling. This will allow you to move a patient directly from a hygiene procedure to a same-day
restorative case with no wait time.

Key Features



STERLING® diode lasers are dentistry’s most user-friendly diode lasers to date. With a simplified control panel, the STERLING® diode lasers feature the latest and finest solid-state diode laser technology, accurate power output and a consistent wavelength for smooth, precise, and clean, tissue modification, and therapeutic procedures.


Do more dentistry in less time with improved patient comfort.

The STERLING® Laser packs endless capability into a lightweight, portable and highly maneuverable design. It coagulates and cauterizes the treatment area for immediate hemostasis, fast healing and reduced swelling.

  • STERLING® Supreme Diode Laser

    810 nm ± 20 nm


    • Touch Screen Monitor
    • Ergonomic Handpiece Design
    • Inverted Screen Capability
    • Wireless Foot Pedal
    • Uni-Dose Fiber Tips
    • Lithium Polymer Battery
    • Therapeutic Handpiece
    • Whitening Handpiece
    • Electronic Key Lock
    Laser Classification: Laser Diode:
    Class 4 Laser Device
    Weight: 2.5 lbDimensions:

    • Unit in Cradle: 9.5” x 4” x 6”
    • Unit Only: 7” x 4” x 3”

    Power Requirements:

    • 110-120 VAC @ 60 Hz
    • Wireless Pedal – 9V Battery

    Power Range:

    • Aiming Beam (0.3 Watts)
    • 100mW to 3.0 Watts in 100 mW Increments

    Audible & Visual Notifications: Yes
    Amperage: 3 Amps @ 110-115 VAC

    Handpiece Sleeves:

    • Soft Tissue Surgery
    • Therapeutics
    • Teeth Whitening


    • Manual
    • Capability for 8 Customized Settings
    • 5 Levels of Aiming Beam Intensity


    • Laser: 810 nm ± 20 nm
    • Aiming Beam: 630 nm – 660 nm ± 15 nm
    • Beam Divergence: 9 degrees ± 1 degree


    • Continuous or Pulse Mode
    • Hertz Rate in Pulse Mode – Fixed: 10 Hz
    • Pulse Duration – Fixed: .05 Seconds
    • Duty Cycle (Pulse Mode): 50%

    Complies With:

    • IEC 60601-2-22
    • IEC 60825-1
    • UL 60601-1
    • FCC Parts 15 & 18 (47 CFR)
    • IC-RSS 210
  • STERLING® Diode Laser

    810 nm ± 20 nm


    • Unique Fiber Management System
    • Wireless Power Foot-Control
    • LED Display
    • Small Foot Print
    • Simple Touch Panel

    The Unit will have Two Modes of Operation Selected by a Button on the Base Unit:

    • Continuous – 0 to 5.0 Watts
    • Pulse – 0 to 5.0 Watts

    Power Requirements:

    • Sterling Unit 110 V / 220 V 50-60 Hz
    • Sterling Pedal 9 V Lithium Battery

    Power Consumption: < 30 Watts
    FDA Cleared for: Soft tissue applications
    Fiber Thickness: 400 microns
    Audible Signal:

    • Start and stop
    • Change of power

    Start of the Laser – Safety Keyed On/Off, Foot Pedal Laser Operation:

    • Needs to start immediately when turned on
  • STERLING® Pen Laser

    808 nm ± 5 nm


    • 12 user-friendly preset procedures for increased efficiency
    • Light-weight design only 1.9oz for the handpiece
    • Extended battery life, enough for 15 procedures on a single charge
    • Completely wireless unit to enable easy movement between operatories

    Start of the Laser:

    • Software lock welcome screen with lock key
    • Laser firing delay – there is a brief delay between depressing the foot switch and the onset of the laser activation

    Duty Cycle:

    • Continuous: 0.1 to 2.0 Watts at 100%
    • Pulse: 0.1 to 2.0 Watts at 50%

    Power Requirements:

    • Sterling Charger Unit: 100-240 VAC @ 50 to 60 Hz
    • Sterling Wireless Foot Pedal: AA Batteries

    Maximum Power: 2 Watts ± 20%
    FDA Cleared for: Soft tissue applications
    Fiber Thickness: 400 microns
    Audible Signal:

    • High Frequency buzz
    • Any changing of settings

Interactive STERLING® Laser Training

Are you a new STERLING® laser owner eager to get the most from your new investment?


Are you considering purchasing a soft tissue laser and want to learn a lot in a little time?

  • Join us for this info-packed live session!
  • Discover STERLING® laser’s advanced features— and exactly how they benefit your practice & patients.

Current training available for table top lasers only. If you would like training for the Pen Laser please contact Katie Geisinger at


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