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Practice Lifecycle Resources

How can female dentists close the wage gap?

Dentistry was once a thoroughly male-dominated profession, but women now outnumber men among dental-school applicants, according to figures from 2018–2019 compiled by the ADA Health Policy Institute. Female applicants’ share is even higher in Canadian dental schools. While the 2019–2020 numbers are pending, I expect ...

Learn about the pandemic’s effects on sale and purchase of dental practices nationwide

Broadly speaking, there are two reasons for a significant increase in the number of dental practices for sale as a result of the coronavirus pandemic: one, because dentists who are themselves high risk due either to age or potential complications stemming from compromised health do not want to risk direct exposure ...

How Buying and Selling Dental Practices Has Changed Amid COVID-19

Since the coronavirus pandemic, concerns about buying or selling a dental practice are rising. Practitioners worry about practice valuations and if banks will lend them money. There's also debate about the pros and cons of a DSO vs. and IDP. Thankfully, we're here to help answer some frequentely asked questions. Q: ...


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