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  • Private Label merchandise and small equipment (Benco Brands) return policy
    For Private Label merchandise, Benco will provide credit (or replacement Benco Brands product) for any returned product, provided that it is returned to Benco within 120 days of invoice for consumables and small equipment. Please notice that small equipment must be unopened in order to be returned.
  • Private Label large equipment (Benco Brands) return policy
    Private Label large equipment must be returned (in working order) within 30 days of invoice and must be returned in the original package and include all original parts.
  • Non Private label (Brand Manufacturers) return policy
    Return policy for non-private (Brand Manufacturers) label products is subject to change based on a manufacturer’s return policy

  • Samples in Packages
    Packages may include samples and information regarding products from Benco and our valued partners. Free samples/products are typically noted on the invoice and/or include a “sell sheet” indicating the product is a sample and an overview of the product. Customers are not charged, and returns are not needed. Customer may keep/trial the product or discard if not applicable to your practice.
  • Product Availability
    Product availability is based upon manufacturer ability to produce.  If a direct replacement is made available for a discontinued item by the manufacturer, a customer’s order will be updated accordingly.  If a manufacturer does not have a direct replacement, Benco may substitute a close replacement from the same or different manufacturer.  If a direct replacement or a close substitute is not available, your order may be cancelled due to an excessive backorder time. Customers are typically advised via email if an order must be cancelled due to lack of availability of a product by the manufacturer.
  • CHC (Community Health Centers) Disclaimer
    To qualify for CHC Free Goods, you must purchase the specified quantity on a single invoice. Certain restrictions apply. To participate in Free Goods: your practice must not bill any federal health care programs (i.e., Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare) for dental or pharmaceutical services; neither your practice nor your patients are reimbursed by such programs for such services. Participation is not permitted for customers who participate in any other pricing programs, including government, group practices, special markets, community health centers, schools, institutions, and discount customers.  Customers are responsible to determine if they are able to participate in these deals. Receipt of Free Goods, after rebate, cannot be combined with other offers.
  • Promotions
    Prices and promotions are subject to change and not guaranteed.

  • Prescription drug return authorization form
    Please complete, sign and include this form below with all return shipments of prescription drug products.Credit for returns will NOT be processed unless this completed form is included with the returned item(s). If you have any questions, please contact Benco Customer Service at 1-800-GO BENCO.Download: Prescription Drug Return Affidavit


  • Types of Dental Experiences, Visits and Events
    • CenterPoint Experience (CPX): A customer is invited to visit a CenterPoint location to explore an equipment purchase and work with Design.
    • Showroom Visit: A customer invited to CenterPoint, but the visit does not meet CPX qualifying criteria. It is possibly scheduled or an unplanned drop-in and runs 2 hours or less. Showroom Visits do not include travel arrangements.
    • Virtual CenterPoint Experience: Customer joins ES and CP Genius on a Teams video call to tour a CenterPoint showroom. 30min – 2hour.
    • Success Partner / Vendor Experiences: A customer is invited to visit a qualified manufacturer’s facility, accompanied by a Benco ES. That includes Midmark, DCI Edge (3 locations), Carestream, Amann Girrbach, and Herman Miller. Midmark and DCI Edge are also equipped to host virtual experiences.
    • CWA VIP @ CPD: When arranging their clients’ annual financial consultation at their office in Dallas, TX, Cain Watters invites dentists to also visit Benco’s CenterPoint Dallas.
    • CenterPoint Events: Seminars hosted at a CenterPoint location, including Build Your Future and other qualifying events.
  • Trip Cancellation Policy
    Cancellation after the booking of airfare will result in such airfare being billed to the customer’s equipment account, however, when cancelling to reschedule, a penalty is not enforced.
  • Sunshine Act Compliance
    In accordance with the Open Payments Law, or Sunshine Act, applicable transfer of value occurring during the CenterPoint Experience, e.g., meals, travel, will be reported to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (a branch of the Federal Health and Human Services Administration).

  • Payment Methods, Warranty, Installation
    Any details on equipment purchase bigger than $10,000 are disclosed in your Equipment Sales Agreement, otherwise please access Benco Terms of Purchase (https://www.benco.com/terms-of-purchase/ ).To know more information on this topic please reach your local Equipment Specialist or call 1 800 GO BENCO.


  • Credit Card Payment Process
    Unless a separate agreement applies, Benco will accept payment via the following credit cards, American Express, Master Card, Visa, and Discover.  These payments can be made via Benco’s website, phone call to Customer Service or Customer Finance Support, or on the Automatic Daily Plan.Any credit card payments via the phone are given to Customer Finance Support to charge and post to the appropriate accounts.
  • Automatic Daily Credit Card Plan
    Automatic Daily Credit Card Plan – An authorization form is completed and signed by the customer and forwarded to ccsetup@benco.com . At the end of every day any shipments are charged to the credit card and posted to the Accounts Receivable account.Download: CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORM

  • Check Payment Details
    Check Payments should be sent to:
    Benco Dental Co /   PO Box 731372   / Dallas, TX / 75373-1372
    This address should be used for payments only. All other packages sent to this address will be returned to you. No courier deliveries.
  • Wire Transfers Payment Details
    Account NameBenco Dental Supply Co.
    Account Number935349423
    ABA Number021000021
    Swift CodeCHASUS33
    Beneficiary BankJP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.
    Beneficiary Bank Address1 Chase Square

    Rochester, NY /14643

    please reference your account number on all payments.

  • ACH Transfers Payment Details
    Customers can pay ACH via https://shop.benco.com/

  • Required New Customer Account Information
    Dear Valued Customer: Please take a few moments to fill out and return this Customer Information Form so that we may serve you better.  When completed please email to: dl.collections@benco.comDownload: Customer Information Form

Invoices , Finance Charges , Payment Methods ,Taxes , Miscellaneous Purchase Agreement

Link: https://www.benco.com/terms-of-purchase/

If you believe your account is wrong or are experiencing any issues with Benco please contact your Benco Sales Representative or our customer service team at 1.800.GO.BENCO

Benco must hear from you no later than 60 days after the first invoice or statement on which the error or problem appeared.
Please report any incorrect shipments or items, within 10 business days of receipt.

No payment is necessary on any items in question while we are investigating, however payment for items not in question do require payment.