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Is your office operating at its full potential? Each staff member adds value to a dental practice and brings a unique skill set to the table. Benco’s Practice Coaching and Education Team operates on the same concept.

Technical training, clinical direction, business strategy, goal setting, mentorship, and management are just a few of our team’s strengths and talents. Using top-of-the-line dental practice management software, we can help your office function at maximum productivity and efficiency!

Dental Practice Coaching


Our experts help you succeed by delivering solutions- From focusing on the core competencies that are needed to start a business to growing office production and working the schedule of your dreams, our customizable programs are developed specifically for each practice.
Benco’s Practice Coaching helps enrich dental offices – every team, every time.


Benco Dental offers a wide range of dental practice coaching services to accommodate every type of practice’s unique needs and challenges. Armed with state-of-the-art dental practice software, we make it our goal to ensure success for you and your business.

Whether you need assistance with OSHA and HIPAA compliance or revenue analysis, let our experienced dental coach guide you as you grow the dental practice of your dreams. To learn more about each of our services in detail, check out the links on the right!

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At Benco Dental, we can provide everything you need to improve your practice, including providing expert support during pivotal times in your growth and evolution. Our professional dental practice coaching team has the knowledge and resources, including advanced dental analytics software, to help keep your plans on track and discover an ideal path to success.

Remember: Consultation is free, and it’s never too early to get started. From wherever you are now to wherever you want to go, trust the experts at Benco to guide you on your journey to success!

Our practice education and coaching services include:

  • Revenue Analysis Consultation
  • Virtual Coaching Modules
  • Live CE Webinars
  • Virtual CE workshops
  • Benco Dental U Educational Resources
  • OSHA/HIPAA Training
  • Insurance Negotiations
  • Insurance Credentialing

Whether you’re buying, selling, or simply thinking about the future of your practice, our specialists are here to ensure your practice is operating at its full potential!

Revenue Analysis | Dental Practice Management

Revenue Analysis

Many dental practices today aren’t operating at their full potential. Achieving growth starts with knowing which revenue drivers to focus on and understanding how they impact your bottom line. During this hour-long dental practice coaching session, one of our experts will utilize analytics software to assess your specific demographic and determine your office’s value to help protect and enhance your practice’s profitability.

Virtual Coaching Modules

Dental practices often find themselves lacking in certain areas but can’t quite figure out how to improve. You don’t have to push these areas to the back burner anymore. Learn proven and practical ways to enhance your practice with our live hour-long dental practice coaching sessions, which focus on the most common barriers that dental offices today are facing.

The topics included in our virtual coaching modules are: New Patient Acquisition, Conquer Your Collections, Raise Your Revenue, Closing with Confidence, and “No More No Shows.” Let our Practice Management experts arm you with the recipe for dental practice success!

Coaching Modules | Dental Practice Management
CE Workshops | Dental Practice Management

Live CE Webinars &
Virtual CE Workshops

Attend dental CE webinars to learn groundbreaking concepts and best practices. Earn Continuing Education credits and attend On-Demand workshops for professional growth.

Benco Dental U

Find every professional resource you need — all curated in one center of knowledge.
In addition to dental practice coaching, we offer on-demand education that fits your lifestyle!

Our programs include Build Your Future On-Demand, Dentistry’s leading design-build seminar, The Strassler Study Guide, the complete CDCA study guide for students, and other on-demand content such as previously recorded webinars. Find the latest headlines, educational articles, and much more today!

Benco Dental U | Dental Practice Management
OSHA / HIPAA Training | Dental Practice Management


Every state requires dental offices to have Annual Employee OSHA and HIPAA Training operate their facility at full compliance. Through expert training with the dental business coach at Dental Enhancements, Inc., we can make OSHA and HIPAA compliance EASY!

Benco Dental offers a variety of seminars and workshops for dental professionals. Alongside the experts at Dental Enhancements, we are dedicated to helping guide the growth and prosperity of dental professionals.

Insurance Negotiations & Credentialing

Most dental practices don’t negotiate their fees with payers because they think it’s nearly impossible. They’re only half right.

Annually, doctors write off over 40% of their production as a result of low PPO fees. Contact Benco Dental’s expert team at PPO Profits to register for a free webinar on PPO fee negotiating opportunities available to you.

With the “insurance-driven mentality” evading the industry, we help you join the right dental plans. There is much more to credentialing than insurance companies tell you. Through careful Contract Optimization, you can leverage certain PPO contracts to obtain higher fees. Contact Benco Dental’s expert team at PPO Profits today.

Insurance Negotiations | Dental Practice Management
Insurance Credentialing | Dental Practice Management

Insurance Credentialing

With the “insurance-driven mentality” evading the industry, we help you join the right dental plans. There is much more to credentialing than insurance companies tell you. Through careful Contract Optimization, you can leverage certain PPO contracts to obtain higher fees. Contact Benco Dental’s expert team at Veritas today.

Build Your Practice Now | Dental Practice Management


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