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earn up to 8.5 CE credits

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Immerse yourself in Build Your Future®, Benco’s two-day dental design workshop hosted at our outstanding CenterPoint locations. We will guide you to create a workspace that is efficient, beautiful and most importantly, a reflection of yourself and your vision.

Dental office design is not just about choosing the perfect color schemes, light fixtures, or which wallpaper goes where. While we touch on interior design finishes at this workshop, those topics just skim the surface. The concepts of dental design we teach revolve around the architectural design fundamentals that drive us as human beings and as dentists to be less stressed, more efficient and lead happier and healthier lives.

Beyond design, Build Your Future infuses dental business coaching, lessons in branding, financial goal setting, and a large showcase of equipment into the agenda. With this, you are offered remarkable one-on-one access to a range of experts who can answer your questions and offer valuable advice across a range of applicable specialties. This workshop aims to stir ideas and incite action with a wide-ranging approach to the dental office project.



What can you expect to learn from this experience?

You’ll take away the fundamentals of creating an authentic environment that helps communicate the level of care you provide. Paired with that, we outline what comprises an efficient and productive layout, specific to the needs of dentistry, as well as design concepts to avoid, so that practicing is more rewarding for you and your entire team.

Our experts clearly define ways to compete in today’s market, strategies for increasing business, dental space programming, financial and tax planning, developing a brand, the ins and outs of dental insurance, ergonomics for dentistry, building the right team around your vision, and so much more.

By offering this industry-leading workshop at Benco’s world-class showrooms, where choice rules, dentists can begin to identify their preferences in equipment and technology as well as color schemes and materials. Build Your Future will make a meaningful difference in how you plan your practice… and in doing so, it will build your future.


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Participants will:

  • Walk away with a foundation of how a properly designed office can increase production and efficiency.
  • Learn what constitutes an effective floor plan.
  • Know how to get the right people on their team to help them achieve the low stress office design they need to succeed.
  • Discover what makes a patient more anxious in their office and how they can alleviate it.


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Participants of Cain Watters’ program will learn:

  • When to depreciate the equipment and building of the new office.
  • When to pay down debt and when to prepare for retirement.
  • How to set goals – personal, business, and financial.


> objectives

Participants at Kay Huff’s program will:

  • Determine which insurance plans are best for their practice.
  • Gain insight on how to achieve top-dollar reimbursements through “allowable” negotiation.
  • Learn how to receive prompt payment.
  • Master techniques to keep money in the bank.


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Participants of Melissa Sprau’s program will learn:

  • How to improve patient and provider experience through the interior design of your practice.
  • The fundamentals of a strong brand and how to incorporate it into the built environment.
  • How to identify appropriate materials for a commercial healthcare environment.

Is it time to build your future?

Attend Build Your Future, and after just two days, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to take the next step toward greater success in every way.

Doctors will experience complimentary travel and accommodations, Benco’s CenterPoint, featuring an impressive showcase of dental operatories, OneVisit live scanning and milling, dental radiography, Herman Miller best-in-class office furniture and a vendor fair with the industry’s gold-standards!