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What Is A CCLAD Injection?

June 17, 2020

Want a fresher, better way of administering anesthesia? Through advanced technology, dentists now have a pain free method to apply anesthesia that goes a long way making the patient feel more comfortable. This article takes a closer look at CCLAD injections and why you should definitely be considering it.

What Does CCLAD Stand For?

CCLAD stands for Computer-Controlled Local Anesthetic Delivery. This is a method of administering anesthesia that is painless, as opposed to traditional anesthesia.

These devices were first introduced in the dental profession around the late 1990s. CCLAD helps deliver a pain-free injection to patients and is based on the consistent speed of the anesthetic delivered by automatically compressing the plunger in the carpule. As you may recall from your early training days, the slower the carpule is administered, the less pain is felt by the patient.

The Three Speeds of a CCLAD System

The CCLAD system can host up to 3 speeds for administering anesthesia. They are the following:

  1. First Speed: Palatal Injection
    It uses the slowest possible method of injection. It takes place for around 3 minutes and 20 seconds.
  2. Second Speed: Infiltration
    It is done slightly faster since the tissue used for the infiltration is not as dense nor as thick, nor are there bony structures.
  3. Third Speed: Mandibular Block
    It is specifically designed to dispense a cartridge of anesthetic in under a minute. The ideal injection speed would be around two minutes for a cartridge of anesthetic.

When it comes to CCLAD use, there is no singular learning curve. The process of administering the injection, however, is slower than what has been taught at dental schools. This means the dentists have to relearn the speed of using the CCLAD syringe.

The Standout Benefits of the CCLAD Injection

Computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery (CCLAD) is becoming a popular option among dental clinics today. This breakthrough technology has helped get rid of the guesswork behind anesthetic administration, making the numbing of the mouth area more convenient for dental procedures.

Join us as we learn more about this innovation that could improve the total patient experience at your clinic.

Benefits for the Dentist:

  • The comfort of the patient is needed for a successful treatment, and also for a positive dental experience in general.
  • Dentists are also able to keep slow and safe deposition rates.
  • It also provides rapid onset during administration for periodontal ligament injection.
  • CCLAD gives ergonomic benefits, such as lessening muscle activity and force for injections.
  • This technology would allow the anesthetic to drop at the first stage of injection, with a slow increase in rate over time.

Benefit for the Patient:

Dental clinic patients will have a better overall experience in comparison to previous visits and will likely become more open to undergoing other procedures. This will then lead to good word of mouth, potentially bringing in additional appointments for the clinic. In other words, happy patients are loyal patients.

The painless administration of drugs has never been easier than with the CCLAD system. Talk to your supplier today to see if this is a good fit for your clinic.


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