Dr. Jim Clark joins Cain Watters & Associates on the “THE RIGHT TIME TO EXPAND YOUR DENTAL PRACTICE” Podcast
Practice Transitions

Your practice is growing with patients booked out and increased staff and equipment, leaving you feeling a bit overwhelmed in your current space. But does that[...]

5 Key Strategies for Dental Practices to Fight Inflation

The pandemic brought seemingly irreparable damages to the U.S. economy. Case in point: The current inflation noted as the highest since 1981. The cost of liv[...]

7 Tell-tale Signs Your Patient Needs a Root Canal and Everything They Need to Know About It

11 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Root Canal #1 What is a root canal? Root canal therapy is a kind of endodontic treatment. "Endo" means "inside" and[...]

A Guide to Optimizing Your Dental Office Design to Improve the Patient Experience for Your Practice
Office Design

Everything about your dental office design, from the seats in your reception area to the cleanliness of your sterilization room, sends a message. Through your d[...]

Importance of Dental Hygiene and How Dental Hygienists Help Patients Maintain Oral Health

When it comes to oral health, prevention is always better than cure. Being proactive and practicing good dental hygiene can help patients keep their breath fres[...]

15 Questions and Answers About Oral Cancer and How Dentists Can Help in Early Detection
Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is expected to afflict 54,000 Americans this year alone, with cases accounting for roughly 3% of all cancer diagnoses. The American Cancer Society e[...]

Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry: Why Benco Believes AI Is Integral to the Future of Dental Care
Digital Dentistry

The field of artificial intelligence has undergone tremendous transformation over the past decades. In dentistry, AI applications have expanded into areas initi[...]

How the Global Smile Foundation Provides Comprehensive Cleft Care and Dentistry for Patients in Need

In the United States, 1 in every 1,600 children is born with cleft lip and palate. Collectively known as “orofacial clefts,” cleft lip and palate occur when[...]

Dental Bone Grafting: An Essential Procedure to Add to Your Practice
Implant Dentistry

Dental professionals are no strangers to all manner of tooth decay and tooth loss. In your day-to-day practice, you have likely met patients who needed dental i[...]

Choosing The Right Impression Material: Your Most Critical Decision

You can have the most perfect technique in the world, but if your impression material isn't up to the job, your restorations will suffer—and so will your prod[...]

How A Unique Customer Experience Drives Dentistry Forward

CenterPoint is a showroom featuring twenty-five fully equipped dental operatories. That’s the little room patients go into to get their teeth cleaned or for o[...]

5 Ways NunoErin Makes Clinic Visits Enjoyable for Kids, Especially Those With Special Needs
Office Design

For many young children, doctor appointments can be stressful and overwhelming, especially during their first visit. According to a University of Michigan C.S. [...]

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