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Anesthetic Buffering: The Time Saver Dentists Need, Now More Than Ever

June 30, 2020

Treating patients amid Covid is more time consuming, but Onset by Onpharma will help increase productivity, reduce PPE use and more. Try the introductory kit at no risk. It’s covered by Benco’s Buy & Try Guarantee, so if you’re not fully satisfied, simply return it for your money back.

Let’s start with the bad news we’re all painfully aware of: gone are the days of numbing a patient, checking on another one, coming back to that same patient, and so on. Today, that would require multiple changes of PPE that nobody’s going to be even contemplating.

The good news: We can make anesthesia work faster, and that’s a win for doctors as much as patients who, now more than ever, may want to reduce their time spent indoors.

benefits of onset

The Onset Solution: Seat, Treat, Complete

With Onset, you can get to procedures faster in this new world of one patient at a time. Seat the patient, administer anesthetic with much less waiting for the patient to get numb, and get to treatment right away. There’s another benefit too: less time awkwardly hanging out and making small talk to pass the minutes while your regular anesthetic does its job.

A Practice Builder That’s Easy To Use

Buffering with Onset was a smart idea before Covid-19, and it’s an even smarter idea now. The product is a labor of love for Dr. Mic Falkel, Founder and Chief Medical Officer for Onpharma Inc. “I knew as far back as dental school that you could build a practice around more comfortable injections,” he said. “But for years, I wanted to accomplish even more. Onset not only makes the injection more comfortable, it allows doctors to achieve more profound numbness faster.”

It’s simple to use: buffer the anesthetic in the Onset Mixing Pen, remove and load into syringe, and inject within one minute. Onset can be used to buffer four of the five major local anesthetics used in dentistry: Lidocaine, Articane, Prilocaine and Mepevicaine. Plus, its useful life once opened is seven days.anesthetic PH graph
Local anesthetic cartridges have a pH of about 3.5, roughly the same as lemon juice. After injection, the body must raise the pH of the anesthetic towards physiologic (~7.4) before the patient can achieve pulpal anesthesia. The body’s buffering process takes time and keeps both doctor and staff waiting. Onset instantly raises the pH of the anesthetic chairside, taking time and the patient’s physiology out of the process. Buffering with Onset right before injection results in a 6,000-fold improvement in the amount of available active anesthetic.

It’s Also Cost Effective—Something Everyone’s Looking For Now

Onset couldn’t be more affordable, costing on average around 17¢ per injection. Factor in the time savings and improved patient experience, plus savings in PPE, and adding Onset to your practice is an investment that pays off daily.

Renowned educator and dental anesthesiologist Dr. Stanley F. Malamed literally wrote the book on local anesthesia, and he’s a believer. “I sound like I’m a salesman for Onpharma, but I’m not,” he said. “I’ve simply become enamored with the idea of buffering all local anesthetic injections, and specifically those injections given in the mandible where most problems arise when it comes to pain control. I’ve even come to the point where I conclude all of my lectures with it because it makes injection more comfortable, the onset is much more rapid and post-injection soreness is markedly reduced.”

Anesthetic buffering with Onset is something you can do right now to address the immediate Covid challenges, while enjoying its practice building benefits that will last well beyond the pandemic.


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