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Let Benco Dental’s Expert Team Help You
With Dental Equipment Repair and Machine Maintenance

Whether you’ve got broken equipment, an
under-performing handpiece, a leaky sterilizer,
or a ripped, unsightly chair, you can rely on Benco’s
team of dental repair experts to help get your practice
back up and running. Get in touch today, and we’ll send
a professional dental service technician to assist you!

What We Do

When it comes to dental equipment repair, you can be confident in our
technicians’ ability to get the job done right the first time.

Field Service Calls
If you need help from an expert dental service technician, reach out to Benco. We have a broad national team of Field Service Technicians covering all 48 states, each equipped with extensive manufacturer’s training. Our dental repair team utilizes the latest technology and tools to help dental offices fix and maintain their much-needed equipment, helping keep their practice running smoothly.

At Benco Dental, we care about establishing lasting relationships with our customers, and we treat each one like family. When you turn to us for dental equipment repair and maintenance, you can rest assured that we can handle anything you throw at us, whether it’s installation, troubleshooting, or repairs.

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    Prescheduled Maintenance

    Proper dental machine maintenance can allow dentists to avoid costly repairs, unnecessary downtime, and possible lost revenue. This is why the team at Benco Dental shares maintenance knowledge with our customers, setting them up for tremendous success and less downtime for their practices.

    Operating for 90 years in the dental equipment service business and 7,000 service calls each month on a national level, Benco Dental has determined a list of common items that are the most frequently called upon for dental equipment repair. A lot of these cases are simple repairs that can be accomplished by your staff with little difficulty.

    To avoid disruptions in your operation, learn more about the everyday maintenance tactics you can use for your dental equipment and machines.


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    In-House Repair

    Dental Handpiece Repair

    Dental Handpiece Repair

    Do you need your dental handpiece fixed? Benco Dental understands how critical it is to have a team you can depend on for fast and reliable repairs. Reach out to our dental service technicians, and experience quick turnaround times at prices you can afford. Here’s what you can expect when you contact us for handpiece repair:

    Small Equipment Repair

    Small Equipment Repair

    For small dental equipment repair and maintenance, trust the professional team at Benco Dental. Our comprehensive approach to repairs begins when you call us, and it doesn’t end until you’re completely satisfied with the results. Once requests have been received, repairs will be completed in five business days or less.



    If you’re looking to refresh the look of the furnishings at your practice, Benco Dental can offer you a simple, fast, and cost-effective option. We can reupholster your dental chairs and stools at a fraction of the cost of buying a replacement. You’ll even have a wide variety of fabrics and colors to choose from! Here’s what you can expect:

    Testimonials from our Field Service Technicians

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