How to reclaim your losses and be more profitable at your dental practice this year.

December 10, 2020

Dental practices across the country have taken hits as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Chances are, your practice has, too. According to the American Dental Association, patient volume is down nearly 50 percent despite reopenings in early summer. With nowhere to go but up, you can recover and get ready for 2021 with guidance from the Practice Coaching team at Benco Dental. 

“You’re either spiraling up or spiraling down; you’re never standing still.” 

Kay Huff, Benco Dental Practice Solutions Ambassador 


Where can coaching help you excel? 

  •  New patient experience 
  • Converting new callers into patients 
  • Determining and attracting your target audience 
  • KPIs (Key Practice Indicators) 
  • Recall/purging 
  • Eliminating open chair time 
  • Patient Retention

“It’s important for everyone to have a coach to get them to the next level,” said Huff. 

Practice Coaching at Benco Dental begins with a consultation with Huff. 

“As a doctor, working with a coach and constantly challenging where you are and what you’re doing is important for your team,” she said. 

Huff can help convert new callers into patients, attract your target audience, retain patients, and show you exactly where you can make a real impact.  

“Practices do best when the doctor can focus on their craft, when a doctor feels they can focus on the dentistry while keeping their finger on the pulse of the practice.”

Kay Huff, Benco Dental Practice Solutions Ambassador 


A trusted advisor helps move the practice forward and on the path to becoming better. 

Virtual consulting begins with a free, no-obligation session. Also, if a practice doesn’t see a return on investment, Benco offers a credit.  

Email to schedule a virtual consulting appointment.