BencoNET Networks, Equipment, Technology Logo - Computer Experts. Dental Experts. On-site disaster protection, disaster recovery, failover server, Anti-virus Software, Email Software, Ransomware, Carbonite, HIPAA-Compliant, Dental Practice SoftwareFrom quick, accurate electronic ordering to digital imaging, networks and data backup, Benco Dental technology experts have dental and technical backgrounds to integrate whatever technology your practice needs. BencoNET offers reliable, dental-specific networks reinforced by a comprehensive backup service, experienced service techs and strategic vendor partners.

BencoNET offers a variety of services that coincide with each aspect of your practice. Computers feature ergonomic, practical and affordable networking solutions that seamlessly integrate practice management applications with clinical operations. Small form factor computers, dual monitor set-ups, sensor integration and clinical software are designed for your operatory with the clinical workflow in mind. Our high speed computers are combined with medical grade monitors to offer clinicians the best opportunity to create and review treatment plans.

At BencoNET, we are committed to providing our customers with effective and affordable continuous support for their computer networks, including support for software and the peripheral devices that attach. Our unique, “one phone call, four levels of support” solution has set industry standards for customer satisfaction.

BencoNET Display with Server, Computers all-in-one CPU and Vendor Logos PictureBencoNET Display with Server, Computers and All-in-One CPU
  • Lenovo Tiny Desktop Thinkcentre CPU Comparing Size with Pencil Length Picture

    Lenovo Tiny Desktop Thinkcentre Comparing Size with Pencil Length

  • Lenovo Tiny All-in-one Monitor Picture

    Lenovo Tiny All-in-one Monitor

  • Lenovo ThinkCentre Comparing Mid Tower, Small Form Factor and Tiny Desktop Sizes Picture

    Lenovo ThinkCentre Comparing Mid Tower, Small Form Factor and Tiny Desktop Sizes

  • Water Resistant Cleankeys Keyboard Picture

    Water Resistant Cleankeys Keyboard

  • DDSRescue for Disaster Recovery Picture - uses an onsite unit - a failover server - for commokn network failures

    DDSRescue for Disaster Recovery

  • Protected Trust Software for Email Encryption Picture

    Protected Trust Software for Dental Office Email Encryption

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