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Attract and Retain Patients With a Top-Notch Dental Website

Whether your practice is just getting started—or you’ve been marketing for years—it’s essential to keep yourself up-to-date on the best practices for dental marketing. So, if you need help building your ideal dental website, ProSites is here to help!

ProSites can help your dental practice dominate search results and attract new patients by creating a comprehensive plan combining an optimized website, SEO, social media, and email marketing. Learn more about how our dental marketing services can help empower your growing practice.

Having a Great Dental Website Can Set Your Practice Up for Success

ProSites supports dental offices through innovative website design and marketing services that are sure to fill your appointment book. We work with your team to create a dental website that can attract and engage new patients, helping you make a great first impression.

Additionally, ProSites offers marketing strategies tailored to your needs. You can turn to us for social media, SEO, and pay-per-click marketing.


What ProSites’ Dental Marketing Services Can Do for You

Create an Optimized Dental Website

The key to successful dental marketing is to create a professional website. Ultimately, there are thousands of different designs to choose from, but each should have the same basics. Here’s a checklist of all the features that will help your website stand out:

  • Optimize your dental website for mobile, making sure it resizes correctly on phones and tablets
  • Create relevant and engaging dental care content to attract new patients and increase traffic
  • Capture the contact info of new leads through forms and effective Calls-to-Action
  • Utilize patient reviews to support your dental marketing efforts
  • Create an optimized user experience so new visitors intuitively understand your site’s navigation
  • Provide full and detailed descriptions of the services you offer, each hosted on its own page for optimal SEO

Ramp Up Your Social Media Presence

When you’re ready to attract new clients, it’s essential to take full advantage of social media. Since almost 70% of American adults are on Facebook, having a fully-fleshed-out profile and sharing frequent posts will help you organically attract new clients in your area.

And when you’re ready to grow your business aggressively, Facebook also provides targeted advertising options that will help your practice bring in new patients in your area. To make the most of your dental marketing, here’s what you should be doing on social:

  • Post five times a week to stay on top of your clients’ minds and attract new prospects
  • Share compelling content using text, photos, and videos that convey your expertise
  • Respond to messages and comments quickly, so visitors feel welcomed and appreciated
  • Keep your hours, contact info, and services accurate and up-to-date

Improve Your Dental Website’s SEO

The trickiest of digital marketing techniques is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When Google decides what websites to rank on the first page for each search, SEO helps them narrow down their options and pick out winners. SEO is constantly changing as Google updates its algorithms frequently throughout the year, but here are the current dental marketing best practices:

  • Utilize central keywords throughout your website
  • Have a separate page for each of your specializations, like cleanings or root canals
  • Ensure that each page on your website has at least 300 words of content
  • Utilize headers and ensure you include important keywords in your H1s
  • Add meta descriptions to each page
  • Include alt descriptions on all images, especially your photo and pictures of your office
  • Highlight your location frequently, as you want to attract people in your neighborhood
  • Resubmit your XML Sitemap to Google Search Console whenever you make major changes

Enjoy Pay-Per-Click Advertising

While ranking on Google can bring in a constant flow of new business, there’s another method to get your name in front of interested prospects. Pay-Per-Click advertising is a dental marketing tactic that allows you to appear before other listings for your chosen keywords, which can be a quick way to fill your appointment book. Though the most important element of PPC is consistent testing, here are a few best practices to get you started:

  • Fully optimize your keywords based on the services you want to offer
  • Include location on all keywords, so you’re targeting the right audience
  • A/B test both headlines and copy to see what performs best
  • Organize your keywords by keyword groups and direct them to relevant landing pages
  • Monitor the results of your campaigns and pause the ones that aren’t providing ROI
  • If competitors are outbidding you, consider raising your budget

Send Out Dental Marketing Postcards

Direct mail is sometimes thought of as a thing of the past, but it’s still thriving in the dental marketing industry. The ability to reach people in your neighborhood for the cost of a card and a stamp is an effective way to fill your appointment book. Here are some best practices for conducting your direct mail campaigns:

  • Use precise geotargeting. People aren’t going to travel for more than 30 minutes to see their dentists, so ensure you’re reaching out to the zip codes immediately surrounding your practice.
  • Include some sort of offer or promotion. If the people you’re reaching out to have a dentist already, you need to give them a compelling reason to switch.
  • Include your full contact information, including phone number, email, address, and social media handles. You want to make it easy for prospects to connect with you.
  • If you provide the ability to book appointments online, mention this on the mailer and provide a link to the direct URL where they can book their visit.
  • To track conversions and understand your return on investment, consider directing them to a unique landing page that includes the ability to book appointments.
  • If you’re sending it out in an envelope, use a hand-attached stamp rather than a pre-printed one. This looks like a real person prepared the letter and increased open rates.
  • Don’t send it out to your existing clients, as it can spark confusion and frustration. You can easily do a V-lookup on Excel to remove existing clients from your list.

Highlighting Patient Reviews

Since dental practices rely largely on word-of-mouth, collecting patient reviews and providing what marketers call “social proof” is essential for successful dental marketing. When prospects see reviews on your site, they recognize you as a trusted authority in the neighborhood. There are a few best practices for collecting reviews, so here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create review pages on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Dental Directories
  • Ask clients in person, as they’re more likely to respond to a friendly face-to-face request
  • Add a bit of text that says “Review Us!” on your practice’s email footer
  • Run a promotion with a raffle entry for everyone who reviews you
  • Highlight your best reviews in separate social media posts

Take a Look at Our Dental Marketing Bundles

To address the unique needs of your practice, we offer four comprehensive online dental marketing packages. Several factors determine which package is the best fit for your practice, including: geographic location, competitive landscape, business goals, and the amount of website personalization you desire.

Depending on your practice requirements, your Benco Representative will recommend one of the following online marketing packages:

Get Started

Perfect for practices that are just beginning to build an online presence, and/or have limited competition.

Basic Website
  • 100+ Design Choices
  • 1 Logo Integration
  • FutureNow Assurance™
  • Mobile-friendly
Premium Social Media Management
  • 5 Posts Per Week on Your Behalf
  • Branded Facebook Page
  • Engaging Graphic Posts
  • Custom “About Your Practice” Section
  • Dedicated Team of Social Media Experts
Competitive Edge

Perfect for practices that operate in a moderately competitive market and want to increase search rankings and grow an online network.

Basic Website
  • 100+ Design Choices
  • 1 Logo Integration
  • FutureNow Assurance™
  • Mobile-friendly
Premium Social Media Management
  • 5 Posts Per Week on Your Behalf
  • Branded Facebook Page
  • Engaging Graphic Posts
  • Custom “About Your Practice” Section
  • Dedicated Team of Social Media Experts
Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Campaign Setup
  • On-page Optimization
  • 3 Campaign Targets
  • Monthly Campaign Management
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Local Business Listings
  • Submission to Up to 15 Online Business Directories
Market Leader

Perfect for practices that operate in a moderate to highly competitive market and want to stand apart from the competition.

Semi-Custom Website
  • 1 Logo Integration
  • Custom Homepage Images
  • Custom Interior Page Images
  • Custom Taglines
Premium Social Media Management
  • 5 Posts Per Week on Your Behalf
  • Branded Facebook Page
  • Engaging Graphic Posts
  • Custom “About Your Practice” Section
  • Dedicated Team of Social Media Experts
Premium Search Engine Optimization

Includes Advanced SEO Plus

  • 2 Additional Campaign Targets (5 total)
  • Weekly Blog Posts
  • Local Business Listings with Up to 10 Photos
  • Submission to Up to 20 Online Business Directories
Market Owner

Perfect for practices that operate in a highly competitive market and want to quickly increase online visibility.

Semi-Custom Website
  • 1 Logo Integration
  • Custom Homepage Images
  • Custom Interior Page Images
  • Custom Taglines
Premium Social Media Management
  • 5 Posts Per Week on Your Behalf
  • Branded Facebook Page
  • Engaging Graphic Posts
  • Custom “About Your Practice” Section
  • Dedicated Team of Social Media Experts
  • Stylized Video Banner
  • Custom Company Feature Video Once a Year
Elite Search Engine Optimization

Includes Advanced SEO Plus

  • Additional Tier 2 Page Optimization to Better Support Your Specialties and Subspecialties
  • 5 Additional Campaign Targets (10 Total)
  • Submission to Up to 40 Online Directories

Generally Asked Questions

Hoping to learn more about ProSites? Read through these frequently asked questions!

These days, a dentist must be both a clinician and a businessman. It’s not enough to be well-versed in the technical and clinical aspects of dentistry. To succeed, dentists must also know how to maximize their practice’s profitability, which involves having a detailed understanding of dental marketing.

With the right marketing strategy in place, dental professionals can:

  • Attract new patients with ease
  • Stand out from other similar dental offices
  • Improve the word-of-mouth and overall reputation of their practice
  • Increase revenue

Having a comprehensive marketing plan is essential for the success and growth of your dental practice. After all, how will patients find you if you don’t provide ways to reach you easily? This is where ProSites comes in.

ProSites will be your marketing partner, helping you build your ideal dental website, boost your social media presence, and create detailed marketing strategies to help your practice stand out from the competition.

ProSites provides a variety of digital marketing solutions for dental professionals, including:

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-per-Click Advertising
  • SEO
  • Dental Marketing Postcards

Connect With the Dental Marketing Professionals

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