What Dental Offices Should Consider Before Installing Cabinets

June 17, 2020

Nowadays, it is important to overall office aesthetics that dental practitioners consider the placement and design when establishing or renovating their clinics. Well-organized cabinetry not only contributes to better office ergonomics but also helps in ensuring a good impression on patients.

3 Common Cabinetry Areas in a Dental Office:

  1. Center Island Units
    This is where the dentists mainly work with their patients. It generally features a rinse sink, waste inserts, task lighting, cup holder, paper towel-dispenser, and other accessories.
  2. Sterilization Center
    This workstation is dedicated to sterilizing all types of dental equipment which is why it is necessary for this area to have built-in cabinets for storage.
  3. Operatory Rear Cabinet
    This cabinet works perfectly for dentists who need access to computers while explaining dental concerns to their patients.

When these areas have been identified, it is best to consult with experts to broaden their cabinetry options, and this is what Benco Dental Supplies can provide.  Contact us today to discuss your options.

Types of Cabinetry Service That Dental Suppliers Can Provide

Dental clinics that want to address their cabinetry concerns may find themselves, for various reasons, ill-equipped when it comes to installation, layouts, and quality control.

Fortunately, professional help is readily available in the form of dental suppliers that are willing to work side by side with clinics to plan and install cabinetry that will optimize their operations in the long run.

Below are some of the cabinetry services that dental suppliers can provide to clinics:

  • More industry-specific choices from a variety of manufacturers than what millwork companies or local cabinet-makers can provide.
  • Support from equipment sales and manufacturing specialists can help clinics choose the  product design that will improve office workflow.
  • Has the ability to customize cabinetry design based on needs, whether related to technology, equipment integration, or unique space constraints.
  • Dental suppliers offer long-term warranties through their cabinet manufacturers that commonly range from 5 to 12 years. They also offer an easy process to order replacement parts for dentistry specific cabinets.

Dental Clinics that need professional assistance for their cabinetry concerns may opt to reach out to specialized companies like Benco Dental.

For more information on Benco Dental cabinetry services or other dental equipment needs, call 1.800.GOBENCO or visit a Benco Dental representative near you.