How to Build Camaraderie Through Dental Office Design

August 20, 2020

Creating a room with your dental staff as its focus offers practical solutions for day-to-day flow. A thoughtful design can add intangible bonuses, too, such as positive team culture and camaraderie. Whether building for your future dream space or optimizing the existing elements at your office, the results are the same: a pleasant environment for everyone.

A team room is a great idea because it’s where most of the staff goes. If the rest of the office is neutral, this is an area to consider a graphic — even a decal — to bring a smile to an employee’s face after a hard day. Other options are framed photos or wall murals. Bring some fun into this team area, versus painting it white.

Formulate the future (or at least where you’d like to be in five years). Strategize accordingly for staff growth, as opposed to designing for the space you need right now.

Begin at the beginning. Plan privacy for a greeter at a check-in desk, and distinguish from the area where another team member conducts insurance or scheduling calls. Avoid conflict while promoting superior acoustics.



Sketch a break room design that invites conversation and enjoyment. With smart furniture choices, an educational conference room can double as a spot to host monthly team-centric events.

Select furniture on casters and invest in a flip-top table. Now you’re rolling. (Literally.)

  • Consider a coat closet, so your staff is not cramming parkas and overcoats into small spaces. Added benefit: This option softens the look and feels more like home.
  • Blueprint a breakroom with an adjacent staff restroom to allow extra privacy.



Simply putting a team space on your priority list offers the ability to show staff members they are appreciated and respected. Provide space for them to wind down at end of the day or host huddles that generate positivity.

Options to consider in already-available space, such as a breakroom:

  • Individual lockers (plan extra for future team expansion!) Stack them, or opt for a mud bench with storage space underneath or overhead.
  •  Full-size refrigerator versus mini fridge, and a microwave. Simplify the planning of lunch schedules and avoid regular lunch runs. Provide more seating than a standard table for four.
  • Washer/dryer. Stacked or separate? Either offers a welcome alternative to laundering scrubs at home. (Already subscribe to a laundry service? Staffers might prefer to disinfect the clothes they arrive in, especially in a post-pandemic era.)
  • TV. Perfect lunchbreak entertainment, a television can also be used for presentations during team meetings

Remember, nothing says “Thank You” and builds camaraderie like a comfortable, congenial team space.