How To Provide Dental Chair Comfort For Patients

June 17, 2020

Important Factors to Consider When Selecting a Dental Chair

Eighty percent of Americans have chronic back issues, usually caused by a surgery, past injuries, or just aging in general. Due to this, a large percentage of people simply won’t be comfortable with the typical reclining motion of most dental chairs.

This is why choosing the perfect dental chair is necessary. It is an essential piece of equipment for every dentist, and it is representative of the dentist’s practice and the care that the patients come to expect.

For those of you who are about to open their own dental clinic or are planning to buy a new dental chair, here are a few factors that should be considered when selecting one:

  1. Comfort and stability
    A dental chair must be comfortable for both the patients and the staff. It should have enough cushioning for the person seated, yet allow staff to move freely enough to perform dental procedures.Moreover, a dental chair must be stable enough to provide support to the patient. It must also be able to adapt to a person’s body, size, and positioning.
  2. Functionality and features
    Nowadays, dental chairs offer various technological features that improve dentists’ efficiency and effectiveness. Some common features are:
    • A control panel used to adjust chair positioning, lifting and lowering speeds, and access to utilize accessories
    • A programmable memory settings for seat positions
    • A joystick for foot control
  3. Aesthetics or style
    One of the first things that a patient notices in the clinic is the dental chair. It’s best to consider the chair’s fabric, color, shape, and size when selecting one. Some professionals prefer a customized chair to assure that it will complement the interior design.
  4. Reliability
    This is the most important factor when choosing a dental chair or any other type of equipment. Make sure that it is durable enough to serve you in the long run.

Whether you opt for a brand new or refurbished dental chair,  take time to consider the tips given above and then choose the one that checks the most boxes. For this process it’s best to consult with trusted providers in the industry like Benco Dental. Talk to a Benco representative today for recommendations.

The Best Way to Renew Your Dental Chair

While dental chairs are typically manufactured for longevity, circumstances such as worn out foams and torn or faded upholstery are simply unavoidable in the long run.

Because buying a new dental chair may not be the most economical choice, there are other options available if your chair is starting to show its age. Although one such option is re-upholstering,  this might not be the most inexpensive alternative. The total cost still depends on whether it needs re-padding, re-coloring, the price of the fabric you prefer, and the labor involved.

The good news is that MediPosture has come up with a better remedy and it comes in a box!

What Is Mediposture?

MediPosture is a manufacturer of premium-class dental chair pillows, cushions, and memory foam dental headrests. They are also recognized as a quality-source of expertise in the dental cushion industry.

One of their highly recommended products is the MediPosture ICORE Dental Chair Overlay System.


  1. ICORE Memory Foam Dental Headrest – This is made out of super-soft memory foam. It provides increased patient neck support that is contoured to imitate the tilt-motion of double-articulating dental chairs.
  2. ICORE Memory Foam Dental Backrest – This is a dental cushion made from high-density memory foam that helps relax the lumbar spine.
  3. Dental Knee Lift – This helps relieve the lower back pain of patients. It elevates the knees to relax, and releases muscle strain in the lumbar region. It is referred to as the “secret-ingredient” cushion.
  4. Dental Chair Overlay Pad – This is a 2-inch thick pad of memory foam, giving a soft bed of comfort for patients.

All of these are improved by ICORE Support Technology, a high-density support core. The covers act as a barrier, setting higher standards for infection control. It offers superb aesthetics and makes your dental practice all the more comfortable. Available colors include black, beige, gray, and navy.

Give your dental chair a new look and an improved comfort with the MediPosture ICORE Dental Chair Overlay System, which is also convenient, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. Visit or today to check out your options.