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Why Your Chairs Need a Like-New Look for the Pandemic

September 9, 2020

Patients want to see things looking new and clean in your office. Luckily, breathing new life into older chairs and stools is easy with expert reupholstery.

During this pandemic, looks can indeed kill…patient trust. Anything dirty looking in your practice sends the wrong message about your hygiene standards, regardless of whether or not your office is thoroughly clean and sanitized. While your reception area makes the first impression, the place where patients spend the most time—your operatories—is likely the most critical.

These days, patients look around more carefully before sitting down. A stained, torn or simply tired-looking chair that they imagine has seen decades of germ exposure will give them second thoughts. But simply reupholstering your chairs can give them an inexpensive new lease on life, extending their usefulness for years to come and saving you the major expense of buying new chairs. Here’s what you need to consider right now.

Patients need reassurance

A survey this summer of over 4,200 patients nationwide showed alarming results. As many as one in three people in some states said they would live with a toothache before seeing their dentists during the pandemic. Clearly, it’s not easy getting some patients back on track and receiving crucial care. The last thing you need is to reactivate Jane, an apprehensive patient, and then give her reason for second thoughts when she arrives for her appointment.

What they see vs. what you see

Patients aren’t looking at a dental chair the same way you do. In fact, to them, most dental chairs probably look alike, whether they were made in the last five years or as far back as the 1980s. Plus, once they’re seated, it’s only the surfaces they can see and touch that make an impression. That’s great news if you like your chairs and they’re fully functional. It means all you need is new upholstery (and maybe fresh padding as well) to have a dental chair that, for all intents and purposes, looks brand spanking new to patients’ eyes.

Nowhere to hide

It’s not just a matter of appearances, either. Harmful organisms love cracks, crevices, tears and gouges because they’re great places to hide and thrive. That means you could potentially be exposing patients to not only Covid-19, but a host of other nasties that might make them sick. New upholstery, on the other hand, gives you a fresh surface that’s easy to wipe down and simple to thoroughly disinfect, making your enhanced cleaning routine for the new normal less stressful. Equally important, visible soil has nowhere to hide and can be easily wiped away for an appearance that’s as clean as it is sanitary.

Expert craftsmanship

Benco Dental’s in-house upholstery team has years of experience with virtually every make and model of chair (as well as stools). Over the years, they’ve even created a remarkable library of precise patterns and guides to help them achieve results that look and feel as good—and sometimes even better—as when the chairs were brand new from the factory. You can trust our highly skilled artisans to deliver a finished product you’ll be proud to show off, for years to come.

A quick, inexpensive makeover

Not all customers who choose Benco Dental for reupholstery do so because their chairs are worn. Some simply want to give their offices a fast and affordable makeover. You can choose from an extensive and stunning selection of colors and fabrics to make your chairs stand out and pop if that’s what you want, or tey can blend seamlessly into a new color scheme. Not only that, reupholstery saves you a small fortune over the price of a new chair, and that’s important for practices wishing to save money without skimping on the quality of their patient experiences.

As good as new—guaranteed

Unlike general upholstery shops, Benco Dental specializes in one thing only: dental equipment. We’ve been at it for decades, so we know how to live up to the high standards our customers expect. That’s why we back our expert workmanship with a full one-year warranty, while materials are covered for six months of normal use. We even have doctor and assistant stools available for loan. Plus, we can schedule your reupholstery to coincide with planned downtime in your practice, so your equipment is back and good as new for exactly when you need it.

There’s never been a more important time to consider how clean your practice appears to patients. With fresh upholstery by Benco Dental, you not only get that, but also all the practice-building benefits of modern and comfortable chairs that make a great impression, while saving big over buying new. Talk to your Friendly Benco Rep or call 1-800-GO-BENCO to discuss your project today. Before you know it, virtually any operatory can have a gorgeous new chair as its centerpiece. Best of all, patients will be pleased and reassured as they come back to your practice.


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