Qualities You Should Look For When Selecting Dental Gloves

June 17, 2020

Dental practitioners need high-quality gloves to carry out their procedures when treating patients. This is because dentists’ hands are exposed to blood, bone, and open tissue, creating a potential risk for both themselves as well as their patients. This is why your choice of gloves matter.

In determining which gloves to use, you also need to keep in mind a few key factors before purchasing.

  • Quality of barrier
    The glove fit is an important aspect, but you also have to check the sensitivity of the material used. Some users may be allergic to rubber. Also, make sure to pay attention to how it will fit on your hand without tearing.
  • Protection
    The sturdiness of the material should guard against infection from bacteria and viruses. It should also protect you from chemicals that are used in the clinic.
  • Comfort
    Your hand should feel comfortable and natural as you go about your orthodontic or surgical processes.
  • Productivity
    How well you are able to perform your task is also an important criterion in the selection of your gloves.

Much like your tools, your gloves aid in the efficiency of your practice.
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