Life after dental school: Three tips for a successful job search

December 14, 2020

Ready to begin a successful job search after dental school? Finding the right position after dental school takes planning, presentation and persistence.  Three tips can help secure the best results: 

  1. Be resume ready. A CV and resume should always be up to date and professionally preparedMany resources exist online to assist with formatting and design. Some dental schools career centers offer resume review services and guidanceRemember: The best resumes showcase experience and spotlight you!
  2. Stand out in a crowd. Take advantage of any opportunities that will help differentiate you from other applicants. Volunteer work, research, programs/memberships – consider any and all the ways you’ve dedicated your time and skills during dental school. Finding new ways to showcase the education and clinical expertise you’ve gained can place you one step ahead when applying for a position in dentistry.
  3. Exhaust all optionsThe biggest mistake in a job search is not benefiting from every resource available. Explore all the possibilities, including opportunities posted on job websites, school job boards, and social media platforms. Don’t forget about networking with colleagues and teachers. Benco Dental’s associate job placement service can assist in finding the perfect fit. Remember, for every applicant hoping to discover the right practice, there’s an office interested in attracting the right dentist. 

Dental students looking for job search assistance can email or for additional resources, reach out to Joshua Hamilton, the Practice Transitions Coordinator at Benco Dental who is helping dentists find placement across the United States.


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