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Pre-Sterilized Burs: How They Can Revolutionize Your Practice

June 17, 2020

As the dental practice evolves, faster and more efficient services emerge and are fortified by state of the art equipment. Among a dentist’s key tools are their burs. Each of these tools perform a specific function, making them crucial for the practitioner.

At the moment, there is a trend of movement from multi-use burs to their pre-sterilized counterparts. These pre-sterilized burs usually cost less than the reusable versions and the same as the non-sterile variants.

The advantages of using pre-sterilized burs include the following:

  • More efficient operation
    Pre-sterilized diamond burs provide a sharp and efficient cutting head. This allows for less probability of error during the procedure. At the same time, you exert optimal grit whether cutting or removing materials.
  • Puts less wear and tear on your handpiece
    Fresh burs exert light pressure each time they are used. As a result, you get a lot of reduction during your procedures. You also lessen the occurrence of thermal necrosis or heat buildup.

How Sterilization of Diamond and Carbide Burs Differ

While these two main types of burs serve similar purposes, there is a significant difference in how the sterilization of diamonds and carbides are treated.

  • Diamonds are pre-sterilized using gamma sterilization and are disposed of with each use. As a result, it cuts down the cost of sterilization during processing.
  • Carbides, on the other hand, can be re-sterilized. Unlike diamonds, which have to be disposed of immediately, carbides can be reprocessed for further use.

Recommended Burs For Dental Processes

Here are a few notable burs that come in handy for dental procedures.

  • Occlusal reduction – For this process, you would need a precise 1.5-2 millimeter occlusive reduction using a bur with no specific depth. A notable brand of such a bur is Meisinger, whose uniquely angled depth stop enables a stress-free removal.
  • Bone reduction – For sectioning teeth and cutting bone, the Lindemann bone cutter is a tool many dentists swear by. It comes in the form of a side-cutting drill, used primarily for the correction of osteotomy preparations.

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