5 Things To Consider When Selecting An Autoclave For Your Dental Practice 

June 17, 2020

While most dentists would agree that an autoclave is the most effective tool for cleaning their instruments, this article aims to help you choose the best type for your practice among the myriad of options.

The technology behind every autoclave is nothing short of impressive, proving that it can complement any operatory. Just like with other appliances, a great degree of discretion should be put into selecting your clinic’s designated instrument cleaner.

Below are the key considerations you should keep in mind as you purchase one for your clinic:

  • Chamber size – Users should know the approximate capacity of each autoclave. How big the chamber is would be the key indicator here.
  • The number of autoclaves – The number of sterilizers hinge on the scope of your practice. Most offices have multiple autoclaves to handle large amounts of equipment. While one is running, another is being loaded.
  • Type of water – A sterilizer can either run on distilled or reverse osmosis water. The difference between the two lies in the parts per million of particulate in the water.
  • Overall effect on ROI – The amount of water used will impact the ROI. Also, the electricity being used is another major consideration. The efficiency of the machine’s sterilizing capabilities should outweigh the costs involved.

With many autoclaves available on the market, you have to meticulously inspect every unit before settling on one. Visiting a showroom will let you see firsthand how sterilizers work, with an assistant happy to demo each one for you. Come to Benco Dental’s hub in select cities to witness cutting-edge autoclaves in action!