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Programs That Help You Achieve Your Ideal Dental Office Design

Equip yourself with wisdom to create and lead.

Building, expanding, or renovating your practice? Build Your Future®
will quickly bring you up to speed on the fundamentals of realizing
an exceptional office environment—one that lives up to your highest
productivity and branding goals.

We’ll prepare you for so much more than merely choosing interior
finishes and colors. Build Your Future will introduce you to advanced
concepts for maximizing the use of space. You’ll get more ROI from
every square foot—not only in practical ergonomic terms, but also
because you’re fostering team engagement and supporting the emotional
needs of patients. And you’ll leave with more confidence to lead your
project and collaborate effectively with consultants and contractors,
from conception through construction and on to your opening.


Whether you’re building, expanding, or renovating your practice, Build Your Future® can provide the knowledge and skills needed to create the office space that best meets your productivity and branding goals. Learn directly from our friendly dental office design experts who will challenge you to think bigger, think differently, and utilize design to create your success.

Remember: Dental office design is not just about choosing the perfect color scheme and deciding what material should be used on the accent walls. With its highly specialized use of space, dentistry calls for many considerations ahead of selecting interior finishes.

Build Your Future® addresses the fundamentals specific to dental office design, defining the design process while inspiring you to identify the values and goals that will drive your future practice.

Providing Innovative and Practical Dental Office Design Tips

Immerse yourself in our workshop online via Benco’s learning platform and at one of Benco’s two-day workshop events hosted at our outstanding CenterPoint locations.

Build Your Dental Practice

Our workshop can be divided into four learning pillars:

Learn more about how to create your professional brand through dental office design. Our experts will walk you through on what makes a compelling brand and why branding is crucial to stay competitive in today’s economy.

Space Planning
Start with the basics of “how many” and “how big” when planning your dental office layout. We’ll show you how practice size and cost relate to production income and practice goals and help you understand the importance of grouping like functions into spatial “zones” to boost productivity and ease stress.

Interior Design
Find out why an excellent healthcare interior is more than just a pretty face. Dental environments have to be thoughtful, durable, and cleanable – all while relaying a doctor’s brand and desired practice experience. A great dental office interior design can be your practice’s best marketing tool!

Understand the basics of construction types (design-build vs. design-bid-build), what players are involved, and what to expect. When it comes to dental office design construction, it’s crucial to control what you can and anticipate what you can’t.

Two ways to experience it.

Option 1:
Stream and Learn On-Demand.
Grasp All The Basics, At Your Convenience.

The virtual Build Your Future® Masterclass features over a dozen design-centric content modules. Enjoy self-paced access to practical, digestible instruction designed so you can put what you learn quickly to work.

After completing Build Your Future On-Demand, you will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Why is my brand important?
  • How many operatories will I need moving forward?
  • How do I speak the construction language?
  • How much square footage do I need?
  • Why do I need a commercial interior designer?
  • Who are the major players in the construction process?

Interact Live and In Person.
Immerse Yourself in the Design Experience.

Build Your Future® in-person events at Benco Dental’s groundbreaking CenterPoint showrooms offer an expanded curriculum that encompasses dental business coaching, financial goalsetting, and hands-on time with an expansive equipment selection.

When you attend Build Your Future in person, you’ll connect more closely with our multidisciplinary experts and award-winning design professionals for a richer and more high-impact learning experience. From space planning to digital dentistry, and from financial planning to branding, Build Your Future paints a complete picture of the why’s and how’s of forging an office that will deliver strong ROI for years to come.


July 11-12, 2024
CenterPoint East

* No charge for doctors, subject to availability.
Includes transportation, accommodations and food.
$500 per attendee guest, subject to availability.


Dr. Tristan Hamilton
Area of Expertise: Design

  • Practicing dentist in NC
  • Masters’ degree in architecture (Andrews University)
  • Practiced architecture in Washington, D.C.
  • Notable projects include the Las Vegas City Master Plan and numerous United States Embassy renovations

Dr. Bret Jacobson
Area of Expertise: Digital Dentistry

  • Practicing dentist
  • Owner of second-generation dental practice in Seattle area since 1998
  • Graduate and alumni Kois Center, Seattle, alumni and local mentor for the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida

Dan Wicker, CPA
Area of Expertise: Financial & Tax Planning, Investments, Practice Growth

  • Managing Partner, Cain Watters & Associates
  • Certified financial planner specializing in dentistry. Personal Financial Specialist (PFS) license from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Investment Advisor Representative and member of the Texas Society of CPAs.
  • Served 100+ dental clients over 10 years

Step 2: Interact Live and In-Person

Build Your Future® at CenterPoint in-person events offer an expanded curriculum that infuses dental business coaching, financial goal setting, and a large showcase of equipment into the agenda. With this, you are provided unparalleled one-on-one access to a range of experts who can answer your questions and offer valuable advice across applicable specialties.


  • Whether you’ve started a floor plan or not, arrive open to exploring options for your practice layout
  • Have a project site in mind? Great! If not, no worries – our space planning exercise will help you determine the optimal size and shape for your practice
  • Build your brand from scratch, or come prepared to enhance your existing brand
  • Complete Build Your Future OnDemand, dentistry’s most robust online design masterclass, to learn foundational knowledge we’ll build upon throughout the work shop

Experience our showroom, staffed with industry experts, to explore equipment and connect with trusted resources for technology, financing, branding and more!

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May 12 & 13, 2022
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July 21 & 22, 2022
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September 15 & 16, 2022
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November 10 & 11, 2022
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