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Candid Conversations. Compelling Insights.

Meet the movers and shakers, power brokers and thought leaders accelerating change across dentistry, healthcare, business and media. Hosted by Benco Dental’s senior executives and experts from our company, each episode delves deep into how the brightest minds are shaping dentistry’s future through remarkable innovation—and how you can position yourself for personal and professional success in this fast-changing world.

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October 22, 2020Episode 3
Get to Know Mike Cataldo, CEO of Convergent Dental and Why He’s One of Dentistry’s Most Influential People
Hosted by Chuck Cohen

In this episode, Chuck talks with Mike Cataldo about the lessons he’s learned from his favorite “never-give-up” sport, what it feels like when people love your innovation, how skepticism from a “big deal in dentistry” fueled his work with the Solea laser, and what he suggests to help people stop snoring.

October 8, 2020Episode 2
Get to Know Gordon Christensen, Practical Clinical Courses Founder and CEO, and Why He’s Been Named One of Dentistry’s Most Influential People
Hosted by Rick Cohen

In this episode, Rick talks with Gordon Christensen about how he is adapting to the new COVID realities, how his early childhood led him to dentistry and his secrets to a long, healthy life.

September 24, 2020Episode 1
Get to Know Kathy O’Loughlin, ADA Executive Director, and Why She’s Been Named One of Dentistry’s Most Influential People
Hosted by Chuck Cohen

In this episode, Chuck talks with Kathy O’Loughlin about her unintentional start to a successful dental career and how she and the ADA have been advocates for dentists during the Coronavirus pandemic.



Chuck Cohen: Managing Director

Chuck Cohen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989 with a degree in English, and joined Benco as a territory representative soon after graduation. He’s taken on increasing responsibilities in the sales and marketing areas, becoming Managing Director in 1996. He serves on a variety of industry and community boards, including Wilkes University, the Dental Lifeline Network, and Jewish Community Alliance of Wilkes-Barre.

Rick Cohen: Managing Director

After three years as an IT consultant at Accenture, Rick Cohen joined Benco in 1994 to create Painless, the industry’s first windows-based e-commerce software. Since then, he’s taken on increasing responsibilities within Benco, focusing on Information Technology, Logistics, Clarion Financial, and our private brand. He is Co-Chair of the Benco Family Foundation, a trustee of WVIA public television and public radio, and a Director of the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation.

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