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Candid Conversations. Compelling Insights.

Meet the movers and shakers, power brokers and thought leaders accelerating change across dentistry, healthcare, business and media. Hosted by Benco Dental’s senior executives and experts from our company, each episode delves deep into how the brightest minds are shaping dentistry’s future through remarkable innovation—and how you can position yourself for personal and professional success in this fast-changing world.

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March 11, 2021Episode 13
An Interview with Dr. Andrew Lyons, Smile Savvy Cosmetic Dentistry, Charlotte NC
Hosted by Rick Cohen

In 2020 Dr. Andrew Lyons and his partner in business and life, Dr. Joya Lyons, earned recognition from two national magazines, and successfully rebranded their independent dental practice in the midst of a pandemic. How did the Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 honorees and Dentaltown’s first cover couple triple their Charlotte practice’s bottom line in one month while turning a year of obstacles into opportunities?

For dentists wondering how highly-driven innovators embrace the future and move the profession forward, this new series will provide the questions – and the answers. This fall, Incisal Edge dental lifestyle magazine celebrates 10 years of recognizing brilliant achievers in dentistry, ages 40 and under. Fewer than 500 of America’s best young dentists have earned this prestigious designation, including the alumni featured in each installment here. Prepare to be motivated.

February 25, 2021Episode 12
An Interview with Dr. Dimple Desai, Head Dentist, Luminous Smiles in Newport Beach, CA
Hosted by Chuck Cohen

Starting a dental practice from scratch is not for everyone.
Dr. Dimple Desai, however, shifted successfully from associate to independent dental practitioner in the competitive market of Orange County, California.How did she reach her goals? Persistence.

At 15, she had shadowed her family dentist with positive outcomes, and as an undergrad at the University of Southern California she explored the option further. A career counselor suggested she visit the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry on campus, and once there, Admissions Director Mark Mitchell pointed her in the direction of the two-year hygiene program as an entrée to dental school.
Dr. Desai earned her dental degree and today is back on the USC campus regularly as a clinical adjunct professor. 

In 2010 Dr. Desai joined an Aesthetic Residency, and while working as an associate in a dental practice she continued to pursue academic and clinical education. From there she went from working part-time and raising two young children, to working full-time, setting up her own practice from scratch. From the Luminous Smiles logo and branding, to the color palette and lighting, she dedicated endless hours of research and planning to create a work of art, just as she does with each patient’s smile. Today, she implements the science and evidence-based dentistry she mastered while studying with Dr. John Kois.
On the clinical side, at Luminous Smiles, she requested spacious 125-square foot operatories, which today, in a post-pandemic environment, allow space for an air filter, scanner, photography cart and several other units. Dr. Desai is working diligently toward her next professional goal, which is to achieve accreditation from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, where she is an Accredited Candidate.
Dr. Desai and her husband Sagar are raising their son and daughter, Dylan, 9 and Sydney, 7.

January 28, 2021Episode 10
An Interview with Greg Minzenmayer, Chief Operating Officer at Glidewell Dental
Hosted by Chuck Cohen

Chuck Cohen interviews one of Incisal Edge’s 32 Most influential People in Dentistry, Greg Minzenmayer, Chief Operating Officer at Glidewell Dental

FOR FIVE DECADES, Glidewell Laboratories has been the leading provider of dental lab products and professional services. With its founder, Jim Glidewell, at the helm, it has innovated in every aspect of dentistry—specializing in crowns and bridges, ceramics, implants, prosthetics and more, becoming the largest privately held dental laboratory on earth.

January 14, 2021Episode 9
An Interview with Michael Graham, Senior Vice President, ADA Government & Public Affairs
Hosted by Chuck Cohen

Mike Graham has fought on Capitol Hill for issues important to organized dentistry for 25 years – serving in various positions in the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Washington Office. Currently, he is the ADA’s Senior Vice President of Government and Public Affairs, representing over 163,000 ADA dentist members.

In total he has 40 years of government affairs experience in the Federal and state legislative arenas. He has represented two other Associations; served as a gubernatorial appointee for two Maryland governors; worked for a U.S. Senator from Maryland; a Maryland Congressman; and a Maryland state representative.

December 31, 2020Episode 8
Rick Cohen interviews ADA Chief Economist and Vice President of the Health Policy Institute Marko Vujicic
Hosted by Rick Cohen

The American Dental Association has always been an important advocate and sounding board for dentists nationwide, but it took on an urgent new role this spring: as a trusted adviser helping its legions of members navigate the extraordinary uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis’ early weeks.

The ADA’s Health Policy Institute, a data factory spearheaded by Marko Vujicic, PhD, who serves as its Vice President, was quick to develop a system that tracked the impact of the virus to dental practices state by state.

“We realized that our data and market analytics were in huge demand in the industry,” he said.


December 17, 2020Episode 7
Chuck Cohen interviews Amir Aghdaei – President & CEO of Envista Holdings Corporation
Hosted by Chuck Cohen

As Envista’s founding President and CEO, Amir Aghdaei drives the company’s overall vision, drawing on more than a decade of leadership experience at Danaher.

Amir originally joined Danaher in October 2008 as Multi-Brand GM and VP of Fluke. He was named President of Tektronix in 2009, Group Executive in 2011, President of the Danaher Communications Platform and Danaher Russia in 2014, President of Dental Technologies in 2015, and President of Danaher’s Dental Platform in 2018.

December 3, 2020Episode 6
An Interview with Michael Apa, named one of the 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry
Hosted by Rick Cohen

Dr. Michael Apa has been named one of Incisal Edge’s Magazine “32 Most Influential People in Dentistry”.

With offices in New York, Dubai, and Los Angeles, and a line of luxury oral care cosmetics, Dr. Apa is fulfilling his vision to bring the very best in aesthetic dentistry to a global clientele.

November 19, 2020Episode 5
An Interview with the Founder and President of Seattle Study Club, Michael Cohen
Hosted by Chuck Cohen

For the second time in as many years, Dr. Michael Cohen, founder and president of Seattle Study Club, has been named one of the 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry by Incisal Edge magazine. Upon receiving the news, Michael stated,

“Although it is flattering to be recognized, it is really a testament to the strength of the Seattle Study Club network, especially our directors. For over 25 years, together, we have been creating unique experiences and educational opportunities for more than 7,400 members.”

November 5, 2020Episode 4
Interviewing Michelle Lee, Executive Director of OSAP and one of 32 Most Influential People in Dentistry
Hosted by Rick Cohen

In this episode, Rick talks with Michelle Lee about why a plane ride convinced two pioneers in the infection control industry that the world needed OSAP, which excuse you should never use if you have to skip a job interview, and why you should not miss the January’s virtual Infection Control Bootcamp.



Chuck Cohen: Managing Director

Chuck Cohen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989 with a degree in English, and joined Benco as a territory representative soon after graduation. He’s taken on increasing responsibilities in the sales and marketing areas, becoming Managing Director in 1996. He serves on a variety of industry and community boards, including Wilkes University, the Dental Lifeline Network, and Jewish Community Alliance of Wilkes-Barre.

Rick Cohen: Managing Director

After three years as an IT consultant at Accenture, Rick Cohen joined Benco in 1994 to create Painless, the industry’s first windows-based e-commerce software. Since then, he’s taken on increasing responsibilities within Benco, focusing on Information Technology, Logistics, Clarion Financial, and our private brand. He is Co-Chair of the Benco Family Foundation, a trustee of WVIA public television and public radio, and a Director of the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation.

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