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Episode 8
Rick Cohen interviews ADA Chief Economist and Vice President of the Health Policy Institute Marko Vujicic
December 31, 2020 Hosted by Rick Cohen

The American Dental Association has always been an important advocate and sounding board for dentists nationwide, but it took on an urgent new role this spring: as a trusted adviser helping its legions of members navigate the extraordinary uncertainty of the Covid-19 crisis’ early weeks.

The ADA’s Health Policy Institute, a data factory spearheaded by Marko Vujicic, PhD, who serves as its Vice President, was quick to develop a system that tracked the impact of the virus to dental practices state by state.

“We realized that our data and market analytics were in huge demand in the industry,” he said.



Previously, Dr. Vujicic was Senior Economist with The World Bank in Washington, D.C. where he focused on health systems reform in developing countries and directed the global health workforce policy program. He was also a Health Economist with the World Health Organization in Geneva, Switzerland. In all of these roles, Dr. Vujicic led large-scale strategic initiatives focused on bringing cutting edge data and research to specific health policy challenges.  


Published extensively, Dr. Marko Vujcic’s work appears in peer-reviewed journals such as Health Affairs, The New England Journal of Medicine, JAMA, Health Services Research, Health EconomicsSocial Science and Medicineand Medical Care. He is also the lead author of the book, Working in Health, which examines health workforce challenges globally, and has written several book chapters on health care policy issues. His team’s work has been cited by CNN, New York TimesNBC NewsCNBC, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, PBS NOVA, and The Atlantic. He has been invited to provide testimony to federal and state legislative committees. 

Dr. Vujicic holds several academic appointments. He is affiliate faculty at the Center for Health and the Social Sciences, University of Chicago as well as the Center for Health Services and Policy Research at the University of British Columbia. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Toronto and a visiting assistant professor at Tufts University. 

Dr. Vujicic obtained his PhD in Economics from the University of British Columbia and a bachelor’s degree in Business from McGill University in Montreal. 




Chuck Cohen: Managing Director

Chuck Cohen graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1989 with a degree in English, and joined Benco as a territory representative soon after graduation. He’s taken on increasing responsibilities in the sales and marketing areas, becoming Managing Director in 1996. He serves on a variety of industry and community boards, including Wilkes University, the Dental Lifeline Network, and Jewish Community Alliance of Wilkes-Barre.

Rick Cohen: Managing Director

After three years as an IT consultant at Accenture, Rick Cohen joined Benco in 1994 to create Painless, the industry’s first windows-based e-commerce software. Since then, he’s taken on increasing responsibilities within Benco, focusing on Information Technology, Logistics, Clarion Financial, and our private brand. He is Co-Chair of the Benco Family Foundation, a trustee of WVIA public television and public radio, and a Director of the Dental Trade Alliance Foundation.

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