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Benco.com Quick FAQs

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Q). Can I have my salesman’s phone number or contact info?
A). We are happy to provide you with your territory representatives email address of office number. Please call into our customer service team and we are happy to assist you.  

Q). Can you track my order and tell me when to expect it?
A). You can easily track your orders at shop.benco.com. Your account number is needed to access your information.

Q). Why do my credits take so long?
A). Credits are done within 5 days of receipt at Benco, if you have a specific question please call us at 1.800.GO.BENCO.

Q). How can I pay my bill?
A).Paying your invoice is easy. You can call 1.800.GO.BENCO, choose Option 2 for automated payment system, Option 3 then Option 5 for Customer Service to take the payment. You can pay via check or Credit card or by logging in to your account on shop.benco.com. You can also pay over the phone using electronic funds transfer (ECT/ACH).

Q). Why did I get a restocking charge?
A). Our restocking fee explanation is found on the back of your invoice, for your convenience you can also find it HERE.

Q). When I got my credit memo I was not credited for the shipping charge?
A). Please contact customer service if you feel your shipping charge should have been refunded.

Q). What is the difference between an invoice and a statement?
A). Every order will generate its own invoice which can be paid at the time it is received.  A statement is generated at the end of the month and is a compiled list of all activity for that month. You can then proceed with a monthly payment if you prefer.

Q). Can I get an invoice copy?
A). We would be happy to email you a copy of your invoices, however you can log in to your account on shop.benco.com and view and print invoices from there!

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