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Our return policy

  • If you’d like to return goods that you’ve purchased from Benco, please call our customer service team and request a return authorization number. Having the applicable Benco invoice number and product number will expedite the return and credit process.
  • For branded items, Benco will issue full credit if the product can be returned to stock and resold (i.e. is not a special order product such as large equipment; is unopened; is safe for resale; not past expiration date; and is not broken or defective). For special order, defective, or otherwise unsalable products, we will provide credit after we receive credit from the manufacturer. In such instances, our representative will engage the manufacturer’s representative and will serve as your advocate to resolve issues quickly and fairy. If the manufacturer agrees that equipment needs to be returned or replaced, we will provide any installation service at no additional charge. Any manufacturer’s restocking charge will be your responsibility. Products returned after 60 days will be credited less a Benco restocking charge, which will be in addition to any manufacturer restocking charge. Products containing precious metals and other price volatile materials will be credited at current market prices.
  • For Benco’s private label products, we guarantee your complete satisfaction and will provide credit ( or replacement Benco Brand product) for any returned product, regardless of reason or condition provided that it is returned to us within 120 days of invoice. Beyond 120 days, only defective products may be returned for credit or replacement.
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