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Dental Students: Are You Board-Ready?

Articles | Wednesday, March 28th, 2018

Do you want to find out if you’re “board ready” without spending money on an expensive comprehensive board review? 

Photo courtesy of It’s Hygienic website

We know of a fun and educational five-star event that can help you with that.

“It’s Hygienic” by Board Games offers a free event for students and schools, during which multi-round games pose board-themed questions to senior dental hygiene students.

Photo courtesy of It’s Hygienic website

The event is the perfect way to test NBDHE knowledge with hundreds of questions that both the teams and audience will benefit from.

Board Games was created in 2015 by two good friends – Maura Ordovensky and Bianca Harris. Combining their passions for preventive dentistry and education led them to create this innovative competition to challenge student’s knowledge while providing a unique team building environment.

“I have been to countless board reviews for students and I have to tell you this review was the most fun, as well as educational,” said Dawn Conley, RDM, MEd.

Photo courtesy of It’s Hygienic website

Teams receive free t-shirts and all attendees will get great giveaways from vendors.  Included in every game is a $400 scholarship.

Each regional competition is comprised of 3-8 college teams. Round up fellow students and faculty from your area and get ready to play!

Dates and locations of the 2018 competitions are as follows: 2/17 VCU Dental School, 2/2 Hagerstown CC MD, 3/17 Santa Cruz, CA, 4/7 New York Regional, and 4/14 Camden CC, NJ.

For more information, call 443-285-2921, e-mail boardgamesllc@gmail.com or visit www.itshygienic.com.