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How do I print Inventory Tags?

Print Inventory Tags /Benco Barcodes Quick Glance PDF


The process for printing inventory tags begins by adding items to your barcode basket.   You can add items from your search results or from the product details page by clicking on the barcode icon.

If you want to print the tags based on your previous purchases, click on All under Previous Purchases.

You can use the filters in the left navigation to sort the products by category.  Next, click on the barcode icon next to each product.  This will add the product to the barcode basket.

Once you add all the products to the barcode basket, click View Account.

Next, click on Order Using Barcode Scanner.

Next, click Print Tags/Labels using Barcode Baskets.  On the Barcode Label Basket page select the type of labels that you will be printing on from the drop down menu.
If you have a label sheet that has missing labels, you can enter the number of labels to skip by selecting the number from the drop down menu.

Finally, click View/Print Labels.

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