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Painless Marketplace

About the Program

The Benco Painless Marketplace brings great products to consumers at scale by providing a unique online experience for dental focused customers. Our Marketplace is driven by the direct-to-consumer model, known as fulfilled-by-vendor (FBV), in which a seller offers its product(s) through Benco.com and fulfills orders by shipping directly to our customer. Benco will handle invoicing, returns and customer service issues. The seller will focus on product delivery.

The Benco Difference

Unlike other marketplace services, we provide access to tens of thousands of dental focused consumers. We understand our customers’ needs and the products that will help them build a successful practice. We also provide unmatched customer support to ensure satisfaction from the point of purchase to maintaining a product’s functionality. All of this and more differentiates the Benco Painless Marketplace by ensuring your product isn’t simply thrown into the mix, but rather provides value to our customers.