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Benco Dental announces strategic collaboration with Dental Intelligence

Articles | Tuesday, September 17th, 2019

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Posted: September 17, 2019

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PLEASANT GROVE, Utah and PITTSTON, Penn.—Dental Intelligence, a company that helps dental practices use actionable data to improve patient care, team collaboration, and practice profitability, has announced a collaboration with Benco Dental.

“All of us at Dental Intelligence are thrilled with this opportunity to be aligned with a dynamic organization like Benco. We love how focused they are on addressing and resolving the many unique challenges faced by the dental industry today,” says Weston Lunsford, CEO at Dental Intelligence. “Our company has a single vision: To help dental practices to do more and even better dentistry, more efficiently. Everything we do revolves around this purpose—and we’re passionate about succeeding. Benco’s commitment to helping the practices they work with achieve greater success makes them an ideal partner for Dental Intelligence. We’re so excited to work together.”

The Pleasant Grove, Utah-based company connects to a doctor’s practice management software, then analyzes instantly, automates, finds opportunities, and communicates. Dental Intelligence smart tools work to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, while saving time, helping more patients, and increasing production.

Dental Intelligence works behind the scenes to gather data, analyze and find opportunities for dental practices. Their desktop dashboards, shown, provide complete transparency and eye-opening insights available instantly.

Among the smart tools:
• Morning Huddle, a presentation automated with the click of a button, that in 15 minutes unites the dental team with clear and measurable goals, reviews yesterday, today, tomorrow and next week, celebrates victories and creates teaching moments.
• Call Insight, a smart caller ID that improves patient experience and displays valuable patient opportunities.
• Today’s Follow Ups, a daily communication assistant, auto-generates call lists for appointment confirmations, hygiene recare and unscheduled treatment.

“Benco Dental and Dental Intelligence share a passion for innovating to help dentists achieve more,” said Terry Barrett, chief marketing officer at Benco Dental. “This product delivers measurable results through a remarkable combination of hindsight, insight and foresight so users learn from what has already happened, respond better to what’s happening now and anticipate how to react smarter and more efficiently in the future.”

For more information, visit offers.dentalintel.com/benco-snapshot.