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Amann Girrbach products now available through Benco Dental

Articles | Thursday, July 9th, 2015

Amann Girrbach products now available through Benco Dental

New distribution partnership brings AG products to Benco’s 35,000 dental customers.

Amann Girrbach has announced a distribution partnership agreement with Benco Dental, the large dental supply distribution company in Pennsylvania that serves more than 35,000 dental professionals.

“I’m thrilled about the Benco Dental and Amann Girrbach partnership,” says Marco Ratz, CEO of Amann Girrbach. “Benco Dental and Amann Girrbach have been in discussions for quite some time. Both companies have grown and evolved at such an accelerated rate in the past few years and we feel now is the perfect opportunity to focus our combined energies on delivering the right set of solutions to the market. The technology is ever-changing and we have seen a shift in the market; we are well equipped to mutually support it.”

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“In meetings over the past several months, we have realized that we have the right people in both organizations, with the right expertise, to deliver a robust set of open solutions to our diverse customer base,” says Paul Jackson, VP of Marketing for Benco Dental. “Our agreement with Amann Girrbach affords both companies the chance to meet the needs of the dentist and the lab with leading edge equipment and materials.”
“When reviewing solutions to offer to our customers and prospects, we feel that Amann Girrbach, with their open architecture, truly allows for a seamless integration of digital function for doctors. Not only that, but no matter the size of the lab, we are confident that Amann Girrbach’s full product line is uniquely suited to any need or sophistication,” adds Mark Nelson, CAD/CAM Product Manager at Benco Dental.

“We realize that supporting the U.S. market is about more than just providing a full line of integrated solutions to our customers and prospects—it is about relationships, service and continuous dialogue with our customers to continue to innovate to meet demand. We are fortunate to have a greater reach to the voice of the customer through our distribution partners. Their feedback continues to fuel the innovation of our R&D team in Koblach, Austria—one of the largest in the industry—and we are excited to continue to innovate and deliver solutions to the market,” notes Kat Dunham, Director of Operations and Service at Amann Girrbach America, Inc.