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CenterPoint Dallas
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earn up to 8.5 CE credits

Building, expanding, or renovating your practice? Learn from friendly dental design experts who will challenge you to think bigger, think differently, and utilize design to create your success.

Dental office design is not just about choosing the perfect color scheme and deciding what material should be used on the accent walls. With its highly specialized use of space, dentistry calls for many considerations ahead of selecting interior finishes. Build Your Future® addresses the fundamentals specific to dental office design and defines the design process, while also inspiring you to identify the values and goals that will drive your future practice.

Immerse yourself in Build Your Future, online via Benco’s learning platform, or at one of Benco’s two-day workshop events hosted at our outstanding CenterPoint locations. Available within a robust online learning platform, virtual Build Your Future features over a dozen design-centric content modules. Viewers can expect on demand, self-paced access to practical and applicable information. Build Your Future at CenterPoint in-person events offer an expanded curriculum that infuses dental business coaching, financial goal setting, and a large showcase of equipment into the agenda. With this, you are offered remarkable one-on-one access to a range of experts who can answer your questions and offer valuable advice across applicable specialties.



What can you expect to learn from this experience?

The concepts of dental design we teach revolve around architectural fundamentals that support you as a human being and as a dentist to be less stressed, more efficient, and to lead a happier, healthier life. We outline what comprises an efficient and productive layout, specific to the needs of dentistry, as well as design concepts to avoid, so that practicing is more rewarding for you and your entire team. Further still, we’ll explain how to curate an authentic environment that helps communicate the level of care you provide.

Our experts define ways to compete in today’s market, strategies for increasing business, dental space programming, brand development, ergonomics for dentistry, building the right team around your vision, and so much more. We wish to guide you to create a workspace that is effective, beautiful and most importantly, a reflection of yourself and your vision.


> Participants will

Experts present on these topics and more!

  • Dental Design Fundamentals
  • Construction from Bidding to Building
  • Your Project Team & Timeline
  • Designing an Experience
  • Branding the Built Environment


> Participants will

By completing the course, you will learn:

  • What constitutes an effective floor plan
  • How design drives patient experience and practice efficiency for increased production
  • Prompts for considering your mission, vision, values
  • The fundamentals of a strong brand and how to incorporate it into your practice
  • How to identify appropriate materials for a commercial healthcare environment
  • And much more!

Is it time to build your future?

This workshop aims to stir ideas and incite action with a broad approach to the dental office project. Take part in Build Your Future and gain the knowledge and tools to move toward greater success!

Both the workshop and online, on-demand course are complimentary for dental providers. Live event attendees will enjoy complimentary accommodations plus travel to Benco’s CenterPoint, showcasing an impressive selection of dental operatories, OneVisit live scanning and milling, radiography, Herman Miller best-in-class office furniture, and a vendor fair of the industry’s gold-standards.


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