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Benco Select Terms and Conditions

  • Members earn BluChips on all purchases (consumables, equipment, and services) at time of full payment.
  • Total Purchase Amounts: Reviewed automatically every two quarters from enrollment date, and membership levels will be re-assigned as required.
  • BUY/GETS: We guarantee members will receive free product offers representing at least 5% of merchandise purchases each quarter; when member takes advantage of those offers, Benco will process all redemptions. If member receives offers representing less than 5% of merchandise purchases, Benco will make up the difference in coupons towards Benco Brand products.
  • 5% Pledge: When calculating purchases, we include Benco consumable purchases; exclude small equipment, uniforms, sales tax, new office set-up of instrument cassette systems, and front-office supplies; and subtract the value of BluChips earned at 1¢ each, rewards from vendor programs, and shipping savings. At least 75% of orders must be placed with Painless, and 15% of consumables purchased must be Benco Brands. Purchases for any one calendar month may not exceed the average of all 12 months by more than 10%. Practice must provide documentation from a licensed accounting professional showing gross billings prior to fee adjustments, and fees must be within 10% of the 80th percentile as defined by the NDAS Fee Survey. Program is open to general practices only, and Benco reserves the right to cancel at any time with 30-day notice.
  • Exclusive Retail Discounts: Members are eligible for exclusive discounts on products and services from popular retailers.
  • Guarantees: Any guarantees or rebates will be paid through Benco account credits. All accounts must be in good standing and have all balances current at the end of the quarter. All payments must be by check or ACH.
  • Elite Dental Alliance: Benco has partnered with the Elite Dental Alliance to bring maximum buying power to independent dentistry. $1299 membership fee. See your Friendly Benco Rep for details.
  • The annual membership fee for Silver, Gold, and Platinum is $149 and will renew automatically.
  • Customer may terminate participation in the Benco Select program at any time.
  • Benco reserves the right to alter, modify, or terminate the program; modify program rewards and benefits; or change the number of BluChips needed to achieve redemption levels in any way and at any time without notice. In the event the program is discontinued, Bluchips will be voided at the time of cancellation. All federal, state, and local taxes and fees associated with the reward redemptions are the responsibility of the customer.

BluChips Terms and Conditions

  • BluChips are awarded at the end of each day and will expire two years from the quarter in which they were earned or, at expiration or cancellation of Select membership.
  • BluChips awarded for products and services subsequently returned will be deducted from the member’s account
  • BluChips are granted to each specific account and are non-transferable or non-assignable. BluChips cannot be transferred or assigned between accounts, even if such accounts are interrelated or under joint and/or same ownership.
  • BluChips can only be earned and used to redeem Benco’s products, equipment, software, and services when enrolled into Benco Select. BluChips can no longer be used after unenrolling from the Benco Select membership. Unenrollment will automatically reflect a zero BluChip balance.
  • BluChips Must Be Used at the time of payment of an invoice.
  • Unless otherwise specified in this brochure, BluChips cannot be redeemed for more than 50% of the cost for any purchase.


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