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Pivoting To What’s Right, Right Now

May 1, 2021


Kay Huff and Curtis Marshall

Speaker Bio:

Curtis Marshall, co-founder of Dental Intel

With over 20 years’ experience in marketing and communication, and 15 years’ experience in practice management, dental coaching, and operations, Curtis Marshall, a co-founder of Dental Intel, utilizes his passion and skills to help dental professionals nationwide take their companies to the next level. Dr. Bret Tobler said, “Curtis is a fantastic motivator. He is energetic, charismatic and personal. He is the kind of guy who makes friends wherever he goes. He’s been a great resource for growing and promoting our business.”.

Kay Huff

Kay Huff began her career in dentistry as an “assistant to an assistant” in 1981. With great determination, Kay gained knowledge and experience as she worked her way to the front office team. Kay defined herself as being a “true team player” in positions of Treatment Coordinator and Office Manager, always doing whatever it took each day to make a difference in her practice. It was over 35 years ago that Kay began assisting teams as a Dental Practice Coach, and has proudly been the driving force that has helped hundreds of practices reach and exceed their professional goals. Kay is passionate about her work and carries a strong background in dental business systems, team motivation, leadership, and practice profitability.

Course Description:

How to quickly shift your strategies in the age of COVID-19 for acquiring the right patients, delivering concise and profitable treatment, and refocusing on growth. We’re entering a new era where many patients will want to make as few visits to the dentist as possible. It won’t last forever, but until COVID-19 is no longer a top-of-mind concern, practices need to re-tune the

way they approach the fundamentals of their production strategies. Our approach to doing what’s right revolves around three key areas: (1) generating theright kind of new patients whose treatment goals align with our new reality, (2) delivering the right treatment in a condensed manner to ensure maximum production is accomplished in a minimum of visits and (3) watching out for warning signs that we’re drifting away from a successful execution.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to identify the right patients and prospect for them to grow.
  • Identify the right fit for the dentistry you do.
  • Learn how to get your current base to adapt to the new normal.
  • Increase production per visit.
  • Gain strategies for completing all of the treatment in each part of your plan in as few visits as possible.
  • Measure success in your profit and efficiency metrics
  • Learn how broken appointments can impact your strategy.
  • Deal with cancellations in a time of anxiety.
No Self-Study CE Credit Offered



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