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Everyday Maintenance Tactics for Your Practice

March 16, 2021


Bob Zamrok

Speaker Bio:

Bob Zamrok is a Field Service Supervisor at Benco Dental, where he helps ensure customers get the maximum return on their equipment dollars. He also plays an active role in the training, mentoring and career advancement of his team members. Bob’s extensive experience in dental and general healthcare service includes prior roles with Patterson Dental, Matrix Medical and the Erie County Medical Center.

Course Description:

Are your office’s hygienists and assistants responsible for the upkeep of their operatory equipment? Does your practice regularly conduct preventative maintenance on your equipment? Let’s learn how to care for your dental equipment to ensure a long, trouble-free life with one of Benco Dental’s customer’s favorite Equipment Specialists! Do you and your team know what vacuum accessories your office has and how to care for them? Learn the essentials of cleaning your dental water system and what you and your team need to do to maintain water quality. We will also review dental units and how to make sure your units keep up with your production.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand what items have filters and how to change them
  • Identify how water quality affects dental equipment
  • Learn how often preventative maintenance should be completed on equipment
Self Study CE Credit Offered



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