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Advertising gains viewership

Advertising Standards

Ads must be built to the correct size specifications. We cannot repurpose ads for other media. Oversized or undersized ads will be sent back to the vendor to be resized. All ads must include Benco Dental specific information. Do not include your phone number on ads. We direct sales and questions to our Friendly Benco Reps. You must always include the Benco item number in brackets around the item number [XXXX-XXX] and include an asterisk if your deals are not instant. Also, redemption information must specify the Benco Dental invoice – not dealer authorized invoices. Bleeds, crops or print marks are not needed. If your ad bleeds, please add 1/8” all the way around the outside trim of the ad. Ads must be CMYK process at 300 ppi – no spot colors or RGB. Vendor partners are responsible for placing their advertisement into their appropriate Dropbox account. Contact your product manager for details. Please remember to remove old ads. Due to design limitations we cannot guarantee placement. You will have the opportunity to proof the layout and copy prior to press if received by the due date. Layout services are available upon request.

Product Promotions

All promotional data should be sent to your product manager at least 30 days prior to the start of the promotion. You must provide your product manager with the Benco Dental item numbers for the buy-get, promotional details (including if this is an automatic or vendor fulfillment promotion), redemption dates, fax/email/mailing address and validity dates.