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Solea the all-tissue laser

that works as promised

Solea®, a 9.3 µm CO2 all-tissue laser, performs entirely different than any other laser because of its unique wavelength. It’s easy to use – no settings to learn just point and shoot. Solea makes your day easier and drives dramatic practice growth by reliably eliminating anesthesia, bleeding, and pain from procedures. Solea cuts virtually every cavity prep anesthesia-free and soft tissue procedures without bleeding and sutures. Add optimal clinical outcomes and an anxiety-free experience for patients and watch your practice transform. Solea comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.*

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Why Solea?


When you do cavity preps without anesthesia, everything gets done quicker and easier. No calming patients down, injecting them, leaving the operatory while they get numb or reappointing for work in other quadrants. Greet your patient and get started. You will be done faster than either of you expected. You don’t have to refer your patients out for soft tissue surgeries when you can easily do them yourself. Solea is virtually blood-free, suture-free and discomfort-free for soft tissue work. Saving time doing hard tissue work and performing your own soft tissue surgeries enables dramatic practice growth. The average Solea dentist feels like they are doing less work, but in reality, they do 4-6 more procedures per day. That is what the number one selling all-tissue laser can bring to your practice and your life—less stress, more revenue.


Solea’s precision in both hard and soft tissue leads to improved outcomes with minimally invasive dentistry and faster recovery. That’s good for you and your patients.


Patients want noise-free, needle-free, drill-free, blood-free, suture-free experiences. When you take the source of anxiety out of the experience, you get more patients and keep them longer. New patients referrals go up, and attrition goes down. You can market Solea or just let your patients do it for you. Solea patients talk about their experience because it is unique. They tell their friends and you reap the benefits.

You will love the efficiency gains using Solea and your patients will love the reliably anesthesia-free experience.

Experience the revolutionary technology for yourself

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