OneVisit BencoNET Logo - Digital Chairside Dentistry, FastDesign System, Bruxir Now, Digital Dentistry, Intraoral, Scanner (Straumann CARES), CAD Software, Benco Dental’s newest solution, OneVisit, provides same day restorations. Affordable innovation has long be sought in dentistry and now with the 3MTM True Definition Scanner used in conjunction with the IOS Glidewell TS 150TM mill – same day restorations are no longer something of dreams. Investment for the system is within every dentist’s reach with special offers and financing. The simplicity of the software eases its integration into each dental office.

The True Definition scanner is capable of completing clinical indications such as crown and bridge, inlays, onlays, veneers and implant connections. This scanning device is proven to be the most accurate and will help assure predictable outcomes with better fitting restorations. Fewer adjustments reduce stress and chair time, while the open architecture delivers an end to costly solution upgrades. The IOS Glidewell TS 150TM mill is used in tandem with the IOS FastDesignTM software. This combination allows for ease of use without compromising the operator’s precision. The clinician or assistant is able to craft a restoration design while utilizing a library of possibilities to satisfy every patient.

One Visit BencoNET YouTube Video - Customer Discussing Case Acceptance eliminating time constraints, Indications, Accuracy and Design.The OneVisit solution from Benco Dental offers increased production, patient satisfaction and revenue while simultaneously reducing stress through the same day restoration process. For more information call 1-800-GO-BENCO or contact your friendly Benco rep.

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