Why A 3D Printer Is A Good Investment For Dental Offices

June 17, 2020

Three-dimensional (3D) printing technology has become an integral part of the dental industry due to its success in easing the process of manufacturing dental models and implants.

This technology has been a staple with dental laboratories in recent years, but dental offices are now also adopting the process since the introduction of 3D Printing technology compatible with an office setting.

Would investing in 3D printing technology for your dental office be a step in the right direction? The answer is yes. Here are the reasons why:

  • Accuracy and precision
    Dental 3D printers can produce high-quality custom products and appliances with a superior fit and repeatable results.
  • Easy to learn and use
    Most modern desktop 3D printers are designed intuitively for dental offices to have an easy process to familiarize themselves with the technology.
  • Low-cost technology
    3D Printers are the least expensive part of a dental office’s digital workflow. Dental offices can get started with a 3D machine for just under $6,000, inclusive of printing materials, a dental service plan, and post-processing machines.
  • Application
    Dental models are the standard product manufactured by 3D printers but more advanced systems can accurately manufacture crown and bridge models, surgical guides, castable retainers, splints, and digital dentures.

3D printing technology has consistently proven that it is a piece of must-have equipment. Dental facilities looking to take their practice to the next level are encouraged to invest in this continuously evolving technology for dental healthcare.

For more information and options on 3D printing machines, Benco Dental is available to address your inquiry.