Are there fast-to-implement tech tools that provide teledentistry and COVID-19 screening at dental practice?

January 29, 2021

In the changing environment of dentistry amid COVID-19, dental practices continue to seek options to respond more effectively to their patients. Vital among those process are enhanced access to screening and teledentistry solutions.

A leading provider of HIPAA-compliant intra-office communication tools, OperaDDS, presents a new COVID-19 Pre-Appointment Screening and Teledentistry Kit for dental practices.

The company is already well known for developing intuitive-to-use, time-saving and stress-reducing solutions for forms, recall, chat, email and more—with a unique emphasis on security and HIPAA compliance.

The OperaDDS two-step answer adds necessary screening and reduces unnecessary interaction to help keep team members and patients safe.

How does OperaDDS work?

• Step 1: Pre-Screen Patients For COVID-19.
Prior to each appointment, use OperaDDS to email or text a COVID-19 screening form based on current CDC guidelines so you and your team can make critical decisions regarding at-risk patients before they arrive.

•Step 2: Use A Teledentistry Emergency Triage Form.
This form can be easily texted or emailed and allows patients to securely send photos and videos of their issue to reduce unnecessary emergency appointments and exposure, and reduce the burden and exposure of your team.

“The way doctors and patients communicate is changing fast by necessity, and more people will be sharing information electronically than ever before,” said Dr. Bryan Laskin, owner and founder of OperaDDS. “Our solutions ensure they can do so confidently, and also easily, since many patients with limited technology exposure will need to adapt.”
OperaDDS users will have access to a full range of synchronous and asynchronous options for safely connecting to share information, photos and video.

“It’s really about making available the best choice for any given situation,” explained Dr. Laskin. “Live teledentistry works in some situations, but in others, asynchronous sharing of photos and information offers more flexibility and comfort.

Ryan Rinaldi, Product Manager for Benco Practice Solutions, said, “OperaDDS is the right teledentistry product for our customers at this time. Benco Dental is pleased to add it to our growing list of innovative solutions for all of the challenges today’s dental practices face. OperaDDS is affordable, adaptable, provides choice, saves time and reduces stress. All of those things are more important than ever. We think it adds considerable value as dentists nationwide look for a way forward in today’s new normal.”

How can a dental practice obtain the OperaDDS COVID-19 Pre-Appointment Screening and Teledentistry Kit?

Benco Dental will offer the OperaDDS software-based safeguards for dental team members and patients as part of its Benco Practice Solutions suite of products. Most offices will be up and running in 48 hours or less.

For a demonstration or to learn more, please call 1.800.GO.BENCO, visit or contact your Friendly Benco Rep.