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Benefits Include:

  • FREE access to the most complete CDCA study guide ever created.
  • FREE subscription to Incisal Edge, dentistry’s original lifestyle magazine.
  • FREE student pre-enrollment in the Benco Select, dentistry’s most advanced rewards program.
  • FREE job placement service to help match talented dentists with the right opportunitiesin the right practices.
  • FREE access to the Build Your Future® On-Demand Workshop– preparing you to design and build your future dream practice.

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The Ultimate CDCA ADEX Test Prep.
100% Free with Signup.

At Benco Dental, we want to assist next-generation dentists prepare for one of your most daunting educational hurdles. Our comprehensive study guide is part of a special educational partnership with esteemed professor and lecturer, Dr. Howard Strassler, DMD, FAGD. Best of all, there’s no charge to sign up for Benco Select Student.


Unlike ordinary study guides, ours shows more than what to do—it also shows you what not to do. Now you can see photos of exactly what will earn you a failing grade, as well as what constitutes passing and above passing scores. It’s the result of decades of meticulous teaching documentation by one of America’s foremost and most recognized dental educators, Dr. Howard Strassler, DMD, FAGD.


Because your tutor is among the test’s architects, he’s uniquely qualified to guide you through modules that are kept current through annual review and updating. You get maximum results, with minimum time commitment, because you’re only studying the most relevant, up-to-date test prep materials, and not wasting time on material you don’t need to.

Detailed Yet Succinct Modules
Covering All Bases

There’s more to getting prepared than studying for the test itself. That’s why our modules cover everything, including subjects you might not expect: test registration, stress management, planning for the actual test day, developing your restorative plan, and top reasons why test-takers are unsuccessful and how to avoid common pitfalls. Of course, all of the intensive clinical areas are comprehensively addressed as well.

Fits Your Schedule.

Each of the modules are presented in a format that allows you to view and read as much or as little as you have time for. Our learning management software is compatible across devices so you can breeze through all or just part of a module on your phone at the laundromat, on your tablet between classes, or on your laptop at home where you can view the course photos on a larger screen.

Recognized authority and Professor

Our author, Dr. Howard Strassler, DMD, FAGD is one of the foremost dental educators. For over a decade he was ranked as one of Dentistry Today’s top CE presenters with over 450 programs across the globe to his credit. Dr. Strassler was a member of the Calibration Committee for the American Board of Dental Examiners (ADEX) and is a consultant to the Commissionsele on Dental Competency Assessments. He had a role in the development and updating for the ADEX standardization and calibration of dental examiners for the ADEX exam. He is a recognized authority on the clinical use of dental devices and restorative materials in general dentistry. He is currently Professor and former director of Operative Dentistry and the CDCA-ADEX co-coordinator at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry, Department of General Dentistry

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Once we receive and approve your registration, we will send you a link to access the study guide. Please give us at least 2 business days to approve your registration.

We won’t sell or share your contact information, and we’ll only send you important announcements and relevant information about your Benco Select Student membership and Benco Dental.

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Plus, get free membership to dentistry’s best loyalty program Benco Select upon graduation. You’ll be able to unlock savings and all the program’s perks at your practice!

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    All educational modules ©Dr. Howard Strassler. They are presented here explicitly for the personal use of dental students in the course of ADEX exam preparation and are to be viewed only on this website and not downloaded or shared. All other uses, including commercial or non-commercial use, is prohibited.

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