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What We Know About COVID-19 Testing and Air Quality

July 16, 2020


Paul Jackson

Speaker Bio:

Paul Jackson, Principal Researcher, Benco Dental

Paul Jackson has devoted his entire career to dental healthcare. He spent 18 years in field sales and logistics prior to joining Benco Dental, where he served for over two decades as Vice President of Marketing. Today, he pursues his greatest passion—sourcing innovative products worldwide that advance the practice of dental medicine—as the company’s Principal Researcher. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, he has also served as the most senior member on Benco Dental’s newly formed Future of Dentistry Task Force, focused on delivering effective solutions for the evolving new normal including PPE, antibody testing, practice design, enhanced air quality, safety, CE and more.

Course Description:

During this webinar, Benco Dental’s Principal Researcher, Paul Jackson, will be sharing what he’s learned about COVID-19 testing and air quality in dental offices.  Paul will give us a brief overview of the types of testing and their potential for use in dental, including the limitations we’re aware of to date. Included will be a 10-minute update on strategies relating to air quality and the current available product types.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the current options available for testing and their limitations
  • Recognize your opportunities for delivering a better range of patient care in screening patients
  • Gain a general understanding of strategies related to air quality
  • Brief overview of product options available for air quality
No Self-Study CE Credit Offered



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