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Is This The Time To Buy Or Sell A Dental Practice?

June 18, 2020


Dr. Jim Clark & Brett Mansfield

Speaker Bio:

Dr. James Clark, Head of Benco Practice Transitions

Brett Mansfield, Citibank National Director of Healthcare Practice Financing

Course Description:

It could be—if you’re armed with the right information and perspective. But how can you be certain it’s a win-win whether you’re a buyer or a seller? We’ll talk in depth about how the practice market has changed in the wake of COVID-19… the new landscape for buying and selling wisely… and the implications of practice valuations then and now. Plus, we’ll talk strategies for successfully dealing with lending institutions, building practices post-sale in the new normal, and how senior dentists can retire on their own terms.

Course Objectives:

  • Understand dentistry’s new normal in terms of dollars and cents.
  • Learn why practice values have changed, and how to benefit.
  • Discover where the opportunities are for buyers and sellers alike, and how to make your deal a win-win.
  • Be prepared for what lending institutions expect in 2020, so you can close confidently.
No Self-Study CE Credit Offered



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