Innovation – Redefine + Reinvent

We owe our success to our employees, the backbone in ensuring customer satisfaction on a day-to-day basis. We strive to find top performers in their fields to continue to provide the utmost service and experience to our customers.

At Benco, we believe that in order to stand out and provide a better customer experience, you must grow different. We are always looking for ways to improve and even have a dedicated department to improving company processes. The Benco Continuous Improvement (BCI) team is focused on making the experiences of both employees and customers simple, effective and satisfying.

In addition to improving our procedures and customer experiences, we actively look for ways to improve the communities in which Benco does business in every day. You can find our associates participating in charitable walks, volunteering in classrooms and helping to build homes. We also donate 5% of our profits to charity.

    • Benco Founder, Ben Cohen, 1922 Picture

      1922: A 19-year-old Russian immigrant, Benjamin Cohen, fills a suitcase with 100 pounds of dental instruments from Premier Dental, traveling by train, selling to customers within walking distance of train stations in PA, NJ, NY and OH, incorporating Benco Dental Supply Co. in 1924.

    • Ben Cohen, Founder, at Original Benco Location in 1930 Picture

      1930: Benco Dental opens its first depot in a 250-square foot space in The Miners Bank Building, Wilkes-Barre, PA. At this time, Benco Dental sells 25 merchandise lines and one tooth line.

    • Benco Transitions to a Bigger Building Able to Withstand Continuos Growth in Wilkes-Barre, PA 1969 Picture.

      1969: Unable to continue a growing business in its current confines, Benco Dental transitions to a larger, standalone, 7,200-square-foot space on Hill St. in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

    • Benco Rebuilds Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Location after Agnes Flood of 1972 Picture

      1972: Hurricane Agnes devastates Wilkes-Barre, washing out Benco’s operations. Undaunted, the team rebuilds the company and re-establishes prominence in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

  • Cutting the Ribbon as Benco Opens a Second Distribution Center in Jacksonville, Florida 2001 Picture

    2001: Benco Dental opens a second distribution center in Jacksonville, Florida

  • Benco Opens a Third Distribution Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana 2003 Picture

    2003: Benco Dental opens a third distribution center in Ft. Wayne, Indiana

  • Benco Opens a Fourth Distribution Center in Grapevine, Texas 2005 Picture

    2005: Benco Dental opens a fourth distribution center in Grapevine, Texas

  • Cutting the Ribbon as Benco Opens a New Headquarters with CenterPoint East Showroom and Distribution Center in Pittston, Pennsylvania 2010 Picture

    2010: Benco Dental relocates its headquarters to Pittston, Pennsylvania and unveils the CenterPoint Experience. The new home office includes all corporate offices, the northeast distribution center and the CenterPoint East showroom. This showroom features 25 fully functioning operatories as well as a digital x-ray room and several design suites.

  • Benco Opens a Fifth Distribution Center in Reno, Nevada 2011 Picture

    2011: Reno, Nevada is the site of Benco’s fifth distribution center. The 100,000-square-foot facility makes next-day delivery possible for most of the West Coast.

  • Benco Opens the Cosa Mesa, California CenterPoint West Showroom 2012 Picture

    2012: Costa Mesa, California becomes home to CenterPoint West showroom. This showroom features 20 operatories and brings together the West coast’s largest selection of major equipment lines and categories, side by side, under one roof.

  • Benco Opens the Flower Mound, Texas, CenterPoint South Showroom and Distribution Center 2012 Picture

    2015: Benco Dental moves to Flower Mound, Texas. This new building features a 125,000 square foot distribution center to replace the Grapevine location and is home to the CenterPoint South showroom. This location features 18 equipment operatories.

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