Logo Usage Guidelines

These guidelines are intended to provide you with information to accurately represent Benco Dental in your literature and materials. All efforts have been made to ensure that proper artwork and information is provided for a wide variety of uses across various media. If you need further information or technical questions, please contact Keely Brazil, Media Production Coordinator, at (570) 602-6883.

  • To use these logos, locate the link next to the image and right-click (PC) or Control-Click (MAC), then select “Save Target As…” (Explorer) or “Save Link As” (Navigator) on the pop-up menu in your Browser.
  • You can then save it to disk or CD for mailing, or email it to your recipient. Three different size ads are provided to meet a variety of size requirements. All are high resolution, meaning they are of sufficient quality for any commercial printer.
  • PMS Colors – PMS 360 (green) and PMS 294 (blue)

Background Control

benco_bkgrnd_light Use 1-color positive logo on lighter backgrounds.
benco_bkgrnd_dark Use negative logo on darker backgrounds. Preferred reverse logo may be used when background provides sufficient contrast.
benco_bkgrnd_mixed Do not place the full color logo on a background where the blue or green will blend into it.

Logo Misuse

benco_logo_distort Do not alter or distort the logo.
benco_logo_colors Do not use colors other than the accepted logo colors.
benco_logo_alter Do not enlarge or reduce any portion of the logo to fit a space.
benco_logo_grey Do not convert the color logo into greyscale.

Logo Usage Examples


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