Dental Supplies - Branded Merchandise


Benco Dental offers the largest variety of dental supplies from leading manufacturers such as 3M ESPE, Crosstex, Dentsply, GC America, Hu-Friedy, Kerr, Kodak and Premier to name a few... with over 80,000 products, from Prophy to Surgical, Impression Material to Anesthetics—we've got you covered.

Ordering made easy... our industry-leading electronic ordering tools, Painless and Painless Web, remember the products you regularly order and can automatically replenish your stock. You can also place an order by simply waving a handheld barcode scanner across your desired product. The 2015/16 Dentist's Desk Reference, Benco Dental's 1000+ page annual catalog, is the go-to resource with information on virtually everything offered through Benco, including supplies, equipment, laboratory products, technology and more...


Branded Merchandise 

Benco Dental carries a wide variety of dental supplies and merchandise from leading manufacturer names like Crosstex, Heraeus, Meisinger, Sultan, HuFriedy, Dentaurum, Kohler, Metoxit, HeartSine, Mani, Premier, Star Dental and many more